[WarMetal Tyrant] [To Dev] Sealed Tourney Pot

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Been playing some sealed tourneys recently, and was wanting to know why the pot winnings (particular the top tier ive noticed) gets smaller?

Originally when I looked it was 42k. Right now its only 35k. – And this isnt the first time ive noticed it happen.

Shouldnt the pot only ever increase?

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The pot does indeed only ever increase, However, the reward drops because of the way it’s calculated. The pot winnings within a tier get smaller whenever more people get added to a tier. All the winnings within a tier are calculated as a percentage of the total pot (after house cut), and then are divided between all the people within the tier.

Thus, for example, when there are 199 people in a 10k Standard, the pot is 199*10,000*.7 = 1,393,000 and top 1% gets 10% of the pot, so the single person gets 139,300 gold. As soon as one more person joins, there are now two people in the top 1%, so of the 200*20,000*.7 = 1,400,000 gold in the pot, it is now split between the two people, decreasing the reward for the top 1% to 70,000.

Long story short, when more people join and more people become part of a tier, there are more people to divide the reward to. This causes the reard to drop.

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This only happens when the Number of Participants goes from 39 to 40, from 79 to 80, from 199 to 200, and 299 to 300, and every 100 participants from thereon out.