[Dungeon Overlord] Sandbox?

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Hi guys,

I may not be the first to mention this, but I haven’t seen it so far, so here it is:

what about players having a sandbox dungeon, where they can test out their tile arrangements, so they don’t waste precious time/resources/nerves on silly mistakes in planning. I just took to pen and paper having this in mind, and started drawing my would-be awesome starter dungeon (once I get those Lesser stone binding tiles), when this thought occurred to me.

If not this, I think it would be mighty cool to at least issue a signature NOG – DO sample map JPEG, which players could print out or otherwise use for their planning. :)

But the first one seems much more convenient, and I find it holds similar benefits to the skirmish option, for example.

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if you google, there is a googledoc out there for exactly this reason.

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I searched a bit and found a dungeon calculator, which is a great tool, but if that’s what you thought of, I had something different in mind – more of a tactical arrangement; a simulated dungeon where you can experiment with room positions and levels so as to be sure that the number of tiles you posses can achieve what you had in mind.

If the calculator is not what you were speaking of, pls give a link here, I’d appreciate it very much. :)