[Galaxy Life] Galaxy Life version 0.68.15 Release Notes

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NEW EPIC UPDATE! Do you want to burn minerals? If yes upgrade all your the Star Bases and turrets in all your planets to the just increased maximum levels! Now the mystery cubes will include more coins to help you during Alliance wars


  • Star Base now can be upgraded up to Level 9.
  • Mortar and defensive turrets now can be upgraded up to level 11.
  • Number of mystery cubes that include coins has been increased, and the number of them that include minerals have been decreased.
  • Player name font tweaked in the Friends tab.
  • Minor crafting collectible items rate tweaks.
  • Internal minor tweaks and additions.
  • Doomsday countdown!!!

Bug fixes

  • Improved the indication of whether a player in the Battle Log can be attacked or not (green or red border around the photo). Now it will take levels, revenges and alliances into account better.
  • Strange looking Battle Log player image in cases where there isn’t a Facebook avatar available.
  • Other minor fixes.


Level 9 Star base requires :

  • To have 7 planets
  • 121M coins
  • 15 Star Batteries
  • 8 Mana Lights
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what turrets can be added at level 9?

Do mortars really go to level 11 now? mine only shows level 4 max

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Lost in translation I think – max is lvl 4 – after starbase lvl 9

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Yes max is level 4 And GREAT you finaly did a great update _

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War system is broken .
Once again we fight an empty alliance where all the bases are flats , no one is connecting on the other side , we have to wait to loose and we are all online and waiting , really stupid to loose like this .
At least if no one have any wp at the end of the war make don’t make alliance loose …