[Dungeon Overlord] Warning to the good and bad people of Death March

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The Stewardship is over and the PVP rules are now in action.

If you haven’t made sure to sign the agreements this is your last warning.

The alliances that are living safely among us in Death March are

Dervish Vanguard (\DV/)
Death’s Legion (DML)

and the active members of ORI – we have been checking your progress closely and even got your “last seen” dates.

If you are a member of a guild NOT listed above you have until 01.00 November 23rd CET to post into this thread and discuss the terms of your freedom or drop your guild allegiance. MS will not attack unguilded active players in DM for the time being, but we WILL exterminate the alliances that haven’t got a treaty with us.


Link to the topic on the MS forums is http://magnum-suited.ucoz.ru/forum/32-229-1

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Hi stinky,

consider o.O to be in. The number of members of o.O will stay limited in DM.