[Heroes of Gaia] Dice and Khaidhun are Hackers

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Its inconceivable that Snail and GMs have not yet figured out that Dice and Khaidhun have hacked heroes of Gaia (HOG). 90% of the player in the game know that theyve hacked the game and are cheating and 70% of players have complained yet Snail does nothing. the other 20% felt like since they cant beat the cheaters they would just join up with them. Its a tragidy that this game is going down the tubes because Snail will do nothing about the fact that these guys hack their server. i thought hacking was a criminal offence guess not when it comes to Snail Games USA.

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I figured id add a little evedence to back up my claim for all of you to see.

Dice and Khaidhun have hacked the game. Please see the below link for proof. watch both videos to the end. I just would like to know when these players are going to be Band from the game. What you are about to see in these video are these two players sending 13 heroes from their castles instantaniously. the one part of the equation that you wont see is the fact that all 13 heroes are going to 13 different portals thats humanly impossible to do it that fast. Even with a bot program you would still need a server script to pull this off.



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More proof for you guys to see. Here is Dice Killing a hero already in the babel tower. watch video you will clearly see that hero is already in the babel tower then you will see Dice hero coming through the portal. then you will see his hero go stand by the babel tower and kill the hero inside. He hack the game and snail will do nothing about it.


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galama = cheat. join now