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As title suggests i am looking for a guide or some advice on how to place my buildings in my expansion dungeons. Have searched but only found a starter layout and really don’t want to play the rebuild XXX times option as dong it with my starter dungeon wasted so much time and resources

If anyone who has played before and is willing to “Trusted Friend” me to Study a decent layout would earn my Gratitude (i also keep your dungeon floor clean of resources if i can)

I located in Bull Marsh 16:19

Also on the lookout for a guild, prefer the small friendly group rather than the huge zerg but having people to learn / get advice from is my main priority @ present

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You can get some suggestions on building a Dungeon on the official forums. Necropolis and Infernal Abyss have some difference, but how you layout a Dungeon isn’t really affected. Both the Strategies and Game Guides section of Infernal Abyss, and Player to Player Help should have some good ideas.

There is a Necropolis section on the Official Forums as well, so if you decide you’d like to register and post, you will find players are pretty good about replying to your inquiries.


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Jock, TBH it’s not something we agree on, every player past a certain point likes different approach, and different bases need different approaches depending on what they’re for.

And the way I do it confuses most of my closest allies and best players ;-)

It is a good thing to have a proper discussion on, I’ll see if I can get some screenshots uploaded.

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Thanks for the reply’s

@ Nightowl – found the design for the first dungeon there, have searched for what i am after but never found anything helpful to a totally new player on securing a 4 door (or anything but a starter for that matter ) and getting the info onto these forums would be nice, we are after all Kong players, our community revolves around Kong and posting here first lets you get to know the people you are playing with

The jump from 1 to 4 doors is steep, its off putting for new players, granted you can “hide” your troops but personally i feel that’s never going to make me learn, learning costly though. About a weeks play so far and losing low lvl’d creatures testing your designs does not add to the games enjoyment. IMO no wonder so many people give up early

@ Mat I starting to realize its not something that everyone is ever going to agree on, as i level up its going to change and yes specializing dungeons would make me think twice, the basic’s have to be around the same though – you want your melee to spawn in a place that’s going to protect your locks

I was just hoping to get some basic’s, i seem to be redesigning my dungeons daily,cant afford to really test them out just to satisfy curiosity due to still being new.

might run a few tests if the discussion takes off, cant afford to at present as i never seem to have spare resoruces

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the best option is to use the Google document and design your dungeon. I also like to place down all hallway tiles when building the dungeon, so I don´t was gold.


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