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Any tips as to where we can get good equipment as we level up?

I found the blacksmith & the woman who sells clothes near the start but wondered where I can get better stuff

Many thanks

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You’ll find that some better equipment can be found in the Crypt. Dungeons in general have very desirable loot.

Some of these items are tradable, so you might try looking at the Auction House in town, in the Castle Alley.

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Thanks for that Bob :)

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another one is when you unlock the peat marshes there is a store which sells talent weapons.

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Thanks for the reply neo…

Peat marshes?

Sounds interesting, what lvl does that happen?

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what lv is safe to complete Crypt?

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Peat Marshes is a region unlocked upon completion of the Crypt boss quests (requires level 5). Once unlocked, you can locate this region next to Chilton.


It depends a bit on your party members’ builds. You’ll need at least level 5 just to be able to do the whole thing. I would suggest a trio or quad for your first attempt at Silence.