[Lost Magic] OH Dear

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Lovely game, lovely idea .. BUT

Really hard to find how to do certain stuff .. joined a party .. more luck than judgement & then nobody knew what to do next

Chat channels don’t seem to work either .. OR .. I, & others are doing something wrong

I HATE being a noob :)

Help please


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I’ve tried to cover as much as I could in my forum-based guide, located here. If you’ve got any more questions about the game, feel free to ask.

I had to struggle through many of the same things myself. It’s hard enough to finish some of these things, let alone understand what I’m up against. But I can at least make it easier on the newer players. =)

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can i ask about whistles? after using it seems like its not doin anything. can i swap character with it? like enemy monster does?

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It automatically does the swapping for you, randomly.