[Galaxy Life] My level 6 main base and level 5 outpost

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Hey guys, it has been a while. I’m a little proud of these bases. I think many people like to take care of their Warp Gates when they have valuable troops, so I also strove to make a main base that protected them some more.

My outposts still don’t protect the Warp Gates as well because they don’t have valuable troops yet.

That’s why I’m posting both designs because I think they are both useful.

How do you like them?

(Edit: Added level 7 Starbase version.)

Starbase level 7:

Starbase level 6:

Starbase level 5:


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Nice bases you have a good strategy

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I (my opition) dont like having resource building on the outside, BUT these designs are good, Great designs. Well done.

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Thanks guys. I really like them as well. I’ve found that Mortars cover a great deal of the area, so it’s not easy to steal resources while both Bunkers and Mortars are watching over. To make the first design we need a level 6 Starbase though. It feels more complete that way. I actually have updated the first design once I got the level 7 Starbase. I’ll edit it to add it too.

It’s not exactly Nuke proof. Nukes seem to have a radius of about 12 blocks, or up to about 24 in diameter. It’s enough to take a lot of the central defenses, but not enough to kill the Bunkers too. If the Bunkers have anti-air units they could help to defend the Cannons at the walls for a while after a Nuke.

One thing my designs have is nice spots for traps. Those traps at the towers being guarded by walls can mess up with S-trikes for instance. Someone tried to attack me with S-trikes and the attack didn’t last long, even though the S-trikes seemed to kill the Colossus in my Bunkers. My Bunkers have Colossus and Zeppelins thanks to the mystery cubes.)

I’ve upgraded the towers a lot too. I’m still pissed off at the Halloween event when I couldn’t complete it because my defense was still very low level. Hopefully for the coming events I’ll be stronger. Mortars and Freeze turrets are level 3, for instance.

Cheers. Keep it up folks.