[Miscrits] F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

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A lot of questions are constantly asked in chat, leading to the more experienced players constantly answering the same questions.
This thread contains the most frequently asked questions and the answers to them. It is highly advised new players read this
How do I get a different starter, other than Flue?
Everybody in the game starts with a Flue, he is the only starter in the game.

When does my Miscrit Evolve/What is the maximum Miscrit level?
Miscrits evolve at every multiple of ten (10, 20, etc) up until level 30. Level 30 is the final evolution stage and the maximum level a Miscrit can be.

How do I get free platinum?
There have been a number of people whining in chat about platinum not being easily available. However! There are many methods of getting this currency.
- Spinning the Wheel every new day (chance of platinum_)
- Making a wish in the wishing well (_can be done every 4 hours, with a chance of platinum)

- Catching a unique new Miscrit or evolving a Miscrit that hasn’t been evolved to that stage before (1 platinum per evolution/unique catch_)
- The Platinum Arena, all that’s needed is four level 30 Miscrits. (you get platinum for winning & for losing! Platinum cap is 75 gold a week_)
- Completing the collector’s quests in town (
The collector usually rewards the player gold for giving him Miscrits, however he can also give the player platinum or perhaps even a rare Miscrit
- Completing in-game tasks. These are tasks that you are rewarded for, for doing simple tasks. Some of these tasks can reward platinum!

How do I heal a friends Miscrits?
You are unable to heal your friend’s Miscrits, this is a Facebook only option and is not available on Kong.

How do I select a Trait?
At the top left of your game window you will see a number in a green circle, this is your player level. To view your traits/select a trait click this green circle. The traits menu should appear, if somehow it does not then click the Shield icon to bring the traits tab up.
There are 2 separate Trait trees, of which you can pick an ability from when you reach that player level. One focuses on benefiting the actual player, whilst the other focuses more on benefiting your Miscrits.
WARNING! Once a trait has been chosen it cannot be changed, unless purchased with Kreds.

Why isnt Electricity very effective against Water?
There are currently only 6 different Miscrit elements and within these 6 are 2 separate Miscrit weakness/strength trees. They are:


Elements from one tree attacking a different tree will act as regular elemental attacks and not be more or less effective.

What is a dual Miscrit?
A dual Miscrit is a Miscrit that is made up of 2 elements, each from a different tree, e.g Fire&Earth, Nature&Electricity. They are strong against an extra element, however are also more vulnerable to an extra element. Dual Miscrits also earn XP at half the rate of a single element Miscrit.

How do I release/rename a Miscrit?
To release/rename a Miscrit enter the Training menu, select the Miscrit you want to rename or release from the list. You can click the small cog icon in the top right of the pop-up and from there you can perform either of these options.

How do I equip a relic?
To equip a relic you first need a Miscrit that is level 10 or above. Enter the training menu, then select the Miscrit you wish to equip a relic to from the list. Once this is done, click on the/one of the empty circles just left of your Miscrit, you will have the option to equip a relic here.
WARNING! Once a relic is equipped it cannot be removed.

How do I get gems and what are they used for?
Gems are won on the daily wheel and can be rewarded from small side-quests. They are currently solely used to purchase Miscrits from the Miscrit shop in the center of town.

Why cant I get into Aerobia?
Aerobia is not currently open and has no specified opening date.

Where do I find (insert name of Miscrit?)
The locations for particular Miscrits largely ranges, some are only found in particular zones/areas of the game. It’s best to research the locations yourself as it’s sometimes difficult for players to describe the location.

For the general location of a Miscrit check this link out:

Another site that contains general locations of a few areas (Be sure to click the Locations tab):

For a specific location of a rare Miscrit check this link out:

You can also find information through Google as well. Remember, Google is your friend!

What is the maximum number of Miscrits I can own?
Luckily, there is no limit to the amount of Miscrits you can own. You can own as many as you wish! Just remember that it can be difficult to keep track of them, especially if you own a lot.

Are dark Miscrits better than regular Miscrits?
This is a varying factor, meaning that darks usually can be better than the regular Miscrits, but certain stats differ between the two. Example: A dark version could have 50 speed and 50 defense, whereas a regular could have 60 speed and 40 defense.

Where do I go to heal my Miscrits?
You can heal ALL your Miscrits at the Healing Chapel building for 10 virtue. The Healing Chapel is located above the right side of your house.
You can also open up your map (map icon in the bottom right) and see the location of all the buildings in the map, the Healing Chapel being the building farthest on the right.

What is the yellow bar at the top of my screen?
This is your Virtue bar. Virtue is what is used to heal your Miscrits at the Healing Chapel. It costs 10 Virtue to heal ALL your Miscrits & takes 60 minutes for you to recharge 10 virtue.

How do I get to Mt. Gemma/ Sunfall Shores?
Mount Gemma can be found at the far north side of town/ the mountainous area on your map.
Sunfall Shores can be found at the far south side of town/ the docks on your map.

Why do I keep battling Wilford in the Arena?
Wilford is an NPC (Non-playing character) meaning he’s not an actual player. You are paired with Wilford whenever you are unable to find another actual player to battle.
Remember, you will get matched with Wilford/someone who has the same highest leveled crit in their party as yours.
Also note that there are occasions where you’re unable to connect to an actual player who you’ve set a game up via chat, there is no known fix for this at the moment, but you can usually try again later to battle the same player and successfully be matched with them.

Are the areas I buy from the Travel Agent one time use only?
Nope! Once you’ve paid your 10 kreds for an area you can visit that area whenever you want through the Travel Agent in the center of town.

When does a new day begin in the Land of Miscrits?
I am unsure of what time zones other players may be in, but I am on GMT and know that a new day begins at 8:00am GMT. If you’re from a different time zone, just a simple Google search can help you work out what time it would be in your time zone.

How do I defeat the first/second/third magicite in the Forest?
This question is definitely asked a lot in chat. There is no particular answer for this question though, there are hundreds of combinations you can use to defeat the Magicites. It’s best to experiment and play around with different Miscrits until you find one suitable for the task.
A couple of tips though, debuffs/buffs are your friend & you should try and use Miscrits that the Magicite can’t get an elemental advantage over with his attacks.

First Magicite – Level 5
Second Magicite – Level 12
Third Magicite – Level 25

Hope this thread helped you with what you needed to know! Directing players to this thread should hopefully help cut down the amount of repetitive questions asked in chat.
My apologies if there are any questions I may have forgotten, I will try get them added if I can.

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I got a question… How can you know a miscrit’s ’’random’’ stat? I got a rockodile and all of its stats are random.

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You can check which stats in particular are random on the Miscripedia.

There is no way to be able to know what these stats will be though as they’re random.

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can you trade miscrits?

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how can i restart my account? i accidentally wasted my platinums clicking the miscipedia.

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Thank you very much for these useful information! New players like me appreciate your effort!

There are also other common questions, that I also have, and they can be summarized in: “Is X miscrit good?”

I understand it’s impossible to give an answer about every single miscrit in the game, but since leveling up takes a LOOONG time, it would be nice if expert players could give some info at least about miscrits to avoid, in order for newbies not to waste their time with those. I’m sure there are some terrible miscrits for each element, which are they? :)
Thank you again!

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Can you trade Miscrits?
Nope, we are unable to trade Miscrits in any way, shape or form.

How can I restart my account?
You are unable to restart your account, the only way you can start a new game is by creating a new Kongregate account.

I understand its impossible to give an answer about every single miscrit in the game, but since leveling up takes a LOOONG time, it would be nice if expert players could give some info at least about miscrits to avoid, in order for newbies not to waste their time with those. Im sure there are some terrible miscrits for each element, which are they?
There are some Miscrits that are worse than others yes, but due to some of their differing abilities/stats they’re all useful against a variety of things. I personally believe all Miscrits are worth leveling up, but I will name a few of the ones that people tend to avoid leveling up from the forest though:
- Waddles (Only available on certain days_)
- Treemur (_Only available on certain days
- Steamguin
- Hydroseal

(For Waddles & Treemur check here: http://blackrabbit2999.blogspot.com/2011/05/facebook-miscrits-rare-miscrits-guide.html)

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How do I get a team mate?
Just like the ability to heal your friend’s Miscrits, getting team mates is another Facebook only feature at the moment.

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I got an appropriate level to enter (Areas name).Why does all the monster hard to defeat/capture?

You need to have a very strong monster to kill/capture the monster without taking too much damage.Because that its not recommended to go to Sunfall shores at level 25

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Please sticky this.

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when is volcano island going to be available on Kongregate?

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When is Volcano Island going to be available on Kongregate?

Volcano Island has no specified release date for Kongregate, as of yet.

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Why is it that when I try to go into the Shack in Mt. Gemma, it sends me to the beginning of the Miscrian Forest?

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Originally posted by Destro9799:

Why is it that when I try to go into the Shack in Mt. Gemma, it sends me to the beginning of the Miscrian Forest?

Because we are not worthy to get all the areas which normally exist in FaceBack so, to get something in exchange, we got a free teleport…

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Q: How do I equip a relic on a miscrit?

A: Your miscrit must first reach level 10 and evolve to the 2nd form to unlock a relic slot. Then click on your miscrit to open the training box (which you use to level up and evolve miscrits). There, in the image of your miscrit, there will be 3 circles out of which the bottom 2 will have a lock on it. Click on the top most circle, it will open the relic slot and show you all the relics you have. Choose the relic you want to use on your miscrit. If you don’t have a relic, you need to buy one from the relic shop in Sunfall Village.

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I know this is probably a stupid all ready answerd question, but im very curious
does kongregate update miscrits? haha

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Originally posted by vidarnicode:

I know this is probably a stupid all ready answerd question, but im very curious
does kongregate update miscrits? haha

no the devs update it … Originally posted by BrokenBulb:
We’re working on Volcano Island! We’re also working on something that will allow you to battle specific players.

Hope that answered your question

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Plus the mansion was launched only a few days ago

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Hello, I have a few basic strategy questions for people who get started. We all know some resources are rare and some monsters later in the game could be better. That means you would end up switching and you don’t want to put too much into common monsters. My questions are related to this.

1) First off, if I’m happy with a monster, do I put 1 plat in it every time it trains and use whatever is left on relics? (Training for 1 plat seems to add more punch for the cost.)

2) What would you buy from the store with the ’’rare’’ gems?

3) Is more of an example. I just won the dark salamindra. Could that be a good air monster to invest in heavily? Also do you have examples of monsters that seem very basic (avoid) or very good? (invest in)


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Answering to Dutchday

1). I spend 1 Plat every time I evolve my Miscrits (with the weekly plat arena incomes, that’s not a money sink). Theses 29 points gained worths the cost, I think.

2). Wait until you have enough ‘gems’ and wait until you see a Miscrits only avaiable on Shop (not one you could capture in areas). Look for informations on external web sites before spending theses gems.

3). Focus on dark miscrits. Again, look for informations on external web sites before choosing a miscrit to evolve.

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Thanks, I’ll look around for more specific info on the monsters or I just go for it!

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Why is it that we can not bring multiples of crits into arena? that was a real killjoy for me to find out….i just assumed it would be like any other game like this and it would allow the use of multiple same crits… so now i wasted my time training a second same crit.. and spent 30 plat training him too… sooo what the heck, can that be fixed? or is there a legitimate reasoning behind it?

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If you want to bring multiple crits to arena,choose Devoted traits.So when your monster get KO’ed after battle,switch into another monster.

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not whaat i was asking.. i was asking why cant i have 2 in the same party for 1 battle? like 2 afterburns in 1 battle?