[Dragon's Call] Recharge Bonus Event (November, 2012)

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To show our appreciation for the continued support of our devoted DC players, we will be giving away some dragon stones to them. All players are welcome to participate in the event!

Event Time:

(EST time) 22:00 PM, Nov.25th – 22:00 PM, Nov.28th
(GMT+8) 11:00 AM, Nov.26th- 11:00 AM, Nov.29th

I. Recharge Amount Get Additional Dragon Stones

Players who recharge $10 or more in one transaction will receive additional Dragon Stones!

The ratios are as follow:

$9.99 – $39.99 → 5%
$49.99 – $99.99 → 10%
$119.99 – $199.99 → 15%
E.g. recharge 9.99 dollars = 200 Dragon Gold + 10 Dragon Stones
E.g. recharge 99.99 dollars = 2000 Dragon Gold + 200 Dragon Stones

II. Recharge Amount to Receive Massive Debris

During the event time, the top 5 players who recharge the most Dragon Gold will be rewarded with 3 Lustrous Lucky Gems, 10 prismatic dragonshards and 100 magic debris each!

III. Recharge Amount to Receive Sacrilege Item

The top player each server who recharge the most Dragon Gold will receive any sacrilege equipment that you can specify what prefix and suffix you want.(i.e.: body armor with Prefix: Psychic9 and Suffix: Stamina, 2 natural sockets).

IV. Instance on Sale

Instance buy one get one free.

Note: All prizes will be sent to you within 3 business days after the event closed.