[Zombie Pandemic] [Firefox Only] How to enable scrolling in shop windows

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Note: You need Firefox with Tools/Web Developer. I use Firefox v15.0.1. May work with other versions of FF that have this same tool.

1. Upon log-in, ensure you are not in maximised browser window.

2. Enable Tools/WebDeveloper/Inspect and make sure “Style” option is enabled (bottom right side of screenshot). This will open the “Style” editor. SS:

3. Select the game frame (note the dashed area moves as you mouse over different areas). SS:

4. Select the “html” tag after the FIRST “iframe” tag at the bottom of the screen. SS:

5. In the Style Editor, double-click on the “hidden” in the “overflow: hidden;” and change it to “auto”. SS:

6. Once this is done, close the Inspect tool by clicking the “X” at the bottom right of the screen. Now, all game screens that are taller than the game frame will auto-scroll when needed. SS:

You only need to do this once when you log-in.


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You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

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As of today’s log-in, I’ve noticed the Devs have changed the relevant section of code to:

This should fix the issue for everyone, not just FF users ;)

GJ, Devs!

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Thanks for the bug correction. it’s easier to buy and sell in a store. keep up the great work.