[Dungeon Overlord] Shopping for more dungeons... Not useful?

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I used some coins to buy a “one more dungeon” upgrade, so i could go to a third one…
But, as i passed my 15th level, one of the upgrade said i could claim one more dungeon, so, basically, a “third one without upgrade”, but it seems that, i can’t have my fourth dungeon…

So does leveling up “cancel” what i bought to set the number of dungeons to 3, or should it be “+1” ?

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First, here’s a list of the level benefits.

It sounds like you first bought the early unlock at level 11, allowing you access to one that normally you cannot get until level 20. And at 15th level you are able to buy a 4th dungeon if you have unlocked the level 20 early. You should be able to get a 4th dungeon at level 15, I’ve seen other players with 4 dungeons below level 20.

The ‘extra’ unlock dungeon slots that are basically early unlocks of your next level up. And that is still a fairly big deal because you start generating all that extra XP/Resources/Research/Raids 9 levels earlier which in turn brings your next levels sooner as well and lets you snag the best locations before other non-paying players get a chance.

If you have paid for both upgrades, I’d refresh the game and try taking that 4th dungeon again.