[Galaxy Life] Unit strengths and weaknesses

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This guide would tell you the DPS, and costs at some levels. Feel free to say anything you dont agree in the upgrades.

Tommorrow for the release of flying units.

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Land Units

Rating: (HP+(ATK*4))+Range /100 + Speed

Level 1 Marines 75 coins 200 HP 50 DPS 120 Range 0.5 Speed Rating: 5.7 Your ordinary 6 second sit-up Starling.
Level 7 Marines 2200 coins 750 HP 100 DPS 120 Range 0.6 Speed Rating: 13.3 Huge HP boost about 4x more.

Skill : x 2.3 Cost: x29.3

Level 1 Looters 120 coins 100 HP 45 DPS 30 Range 0.5 Speed Rating: 3.6 Practically Useless.
Level 7 Looters 4400 coins 1050 HP 119 DPS 30 Range 0.6 Speed Rating: 16.2 Has a big stat improvement.
Skill : x 4.5 Cost: x36.6

Level 1 Flamers 250 coins 500 HP 71 DPS 60 Range 0.5 Speed Rating: 8.9 Most efficient HP Shield.
Level 7 Flamers 6800 coins 1400 HP 170 DPS 60 Range 0.5 Speed Rating: 21.9 High HP for its cost.

Skill : x 2.5 Cost: x27.2

Level 1 Bazooka 450 coins 200 HP 150 DPS 200 Range 0.5 Speed Rating: 10.5 Long ranged unit. More damage than a tank.
Level 7 Bazooka 4650 coins 450 HP 500 DPS 200 Range 0.5 Speed Rating: 27.0 Can kill itself in one second!

Skill : x 2.6 Cost: x10.3

Level 1 Kamikaze 1550 coins 600 HP 2000 DMG 50 Range 0.9 Speed Rating: 9.4 Useful in the first few levels.
Level 7 Kamikaze 37200 coins 2000 HP 5500 DMG 50 Range 1.0 Speed Rating: 27.0 Don’t upgrade. 2 to bomb a lv 3 block.

Skill : x 2.9 Cost: x24.0

Level 1 Starlinators 18600 coins 1200 HP 480 DPS 140 Range 0.5 Speed Rating: 33.1 Best Infantry Ever.
Level 7 Starlinators 160725 coins 3000 HP 2000 DPS 140 Range 0.75 Speed Rating: 102.2 As much DPS as a max level Colossus.
Skill : x 3.1 Cost: x8.6

Level 1 S-Trike 2115 coins 1700 HP 86 DPS 150 Range 2.2 Speed Rating: 24.4 Low damage compared to level 6.
Level 6 S-Trike 106020 coins 8000 HP 1875 DPS 150 Range 2.5 Speed Rating: 159.0 Huge HP and DPS boost. A must-upgrade.

Skill : x 6.5 Cost: x50.1

Level 1 Tanker 2350 coins 2500 HP 100 DPS 120 Range 0.3 Speed Rating: 30.5 Can be considered as a weak Colossus.
Level 7 Tanker 12000 coins 3700 HP 175 DPS 120 Range 0.4 Speed Rating: 45.6 Cheap for its cost but slow.

Skill : x 1.5 Cost: x5.1

Level 1 Raider 5600 coins 2500 HP 120 DPS 40 Range 0.8 Speed Rating: 31.0 Second version of the Looter.
Level 7 Raider 40000 coins 4000 HP 375 DPS 40 Range 0.9 Speed Rating: 56.3 It has a short range.

Skill : x 1.8 Cost: x7.1

Level 1 The Mole 13950 coins 2600 HP 375 DPS 50 Range 1.5 Speed Rating: 43.0 Evades walls.
Level 7 The Mole 60000 coins 4500 HP 639 DPS 50 Range 2.0 Speed Rating: 73.1 Evades walls.

Skill : x 1.7 Cost: x4.3

Level 1 Colossus 74400 coins 12000 HP 1200 DPS 200 Range 0.3 Speed Rating: 170.3 Has homing missiles and has a huge range.
Level 6 Colossus 176700 coins 15000 HP 2000 DPS 200 Range 0.75 Speed Rating: 232.8 Best unit for its space taken.

Skill : x 1.4 Cost: x2.4

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Air units

Level 1 Wasp 11150 coins 1000 HP 200 DPS 120 Range 0.5 Speed Rating: 19.7 Can be considered as a strong flying marine.
Level 7 Wasp 62000 coins 1400 HP 325 DPS 220 Range 0.7 Speed Rating: 29.9 Second highest range in the game.

Skill : x 1.5 Cost: x5.4

Level 1 Hoover 21700 coins 1500 HP 150 DPS 60 Range 1.0 Speed Rating: 22.6 Low DPS and Range. As useless as Looters.
Level 7 Hoover 148800 coins 2250 HP 200 DPS 60 Range 1.4 Speed Rating: 32.5 Note: It cannot make back its cost.

Skill : x 1.4 Cost: x6.9

Level 1 Falcon 37200 coins 4000 HP 66×10 DPS 250 Range 2.5 Speed Rating: 71.4 Highest Range and Speed. Shoots 10 bullets per second.
Level 6 Falcon 173600 coins 5200 HP 86×10 DPS 250 Range 2.5 Speed Rating: 91.4 A small HP and damage boost to the machinegunner.

Skill : x 1.3 Cost: x4.7

Level 1 Zeppelin 279000 coins 16000 HP 2000 DPS 50 Range 0.5 Speed Rating: 241.0 Strong but vulnerable against aircraft.
Level 6 Zeppelin 1488000 coins 20000 HP 3200 DPS 50 Range 0.75 Speed Rating: 329.3 Extremely powerful but expensive.

Skill : x 1.4 Cost: x5.3

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Best unit: (selected) Colossus
Next best unit: Marines

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Strongest Unit in the game: Zeppelin Level 7. Cost: 1488000 coins. Rating at 329.3

It is not the most cost effective unit in the game.

Damage Dealer (for its spacing): Starlinator Level 7. Cost: 160725 coins. Damage at 2000 DPS for only 20 spaces

Cost effective Damage Dealer : Bazooka Level 7. Cost: 4650 coins. Damage at 500 DPS for only 20 spaces.

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Colossus are better apart in different locations due to the blue traps and cannon blasts, but zeppelins are better in a group due to the cannon blasts doing nothing.

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I say falcons are the best, zeppelins are too slow and attack EVERYTHING that gets in their way (except for walls), falcons just go for defence towers first, they are fast, and they can wipe out towers fast in groups.

If I got a 2nd choice, I’d pick moles, for mostly the same reasons, and they are a good pair, falcons and moles.

And zeppelins arn’t that strong vsing 2 missle towers, thats why moles are my 2nd.

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Falcons get smashed in seconds with missles around trust me ive tried 2# moles die as fast as a falcons speed

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Step 1: Use collossus to distract turrets.
Step 2: Deploy Starlinators to destroy said distracted turrets.
Step 3: BANK $$$$$

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Dachende. That idea is BRILLIANT!

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Sending Beetle Tanks instead of Collossi and sending Bazookas instead of Starlinators can also be an effective way.

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the bazooka thing is good but beetle tank stink their range stinks bad put 10 beetles v.s a colossus and youl see

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I like my attack waves, mostly being falcons, but whatever. I think them attack ideas are good

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I like Colossi and Zeppelins. Falcons are best in air defense IMO.
The Colossus is an epic annihilator but is weak against mortars. :(
The Zeppelin is just as strong as a Colossus. It has higher damage, bigger, shorter range, and much higher health.

(Still, I wonder how these Zeppelins have very high health. Real-life zeppelins are prone to damage.)

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having colussus, zeppelin and falcons plus some starlinators will destroy enemy bases easily, just make to max level the starlinator, it can be upgraded.

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Starlinators deal high DPS, but are prone to damage.

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Ive been testing out looters and found out they are so good at looting i got level 7 ones and when all the turrets of a level 85 were gone i send em and they looted all the buildings in 2 mins and those were all maxed ones ofcourse i send alot of them (60) but they dont take much time _

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1 lvl1 Marine is good enough.

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yeah coz 1 x level 1 marine will destroy a base full of lvl 10 houses in 5 mins… or not ?

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Final day.

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I’d say a lot of this discussion depends on what sort of base you are attacking .
Each unit comes into its own depending on the layout the defender is using.

E.G really spread out bases with lots of walls = S trikes worst nightmare
Whereas they are fantastic against bases where everything is really close.

I’d have to put my vote in for Starlinators.
They target defences first, and if used correctly with support to take damage, they can rip through a level 7/8 starbase really quickly.
The only problem is they get stuck frequently.

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Marine is Spammable troop !

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And therefor gets oblitarated by mortars

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first destroy the mortar with wasp and if the target have rudal launcher use mtarine to destroy them rudal launcher