[Star Supremacy] Tips for Faction battle

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1. Know each faction better
UEO ——powerful Super ships
(1)UEO can research the missiles first. Missiles have low basic damage but with longer range. In the early game, “corvette + missile + targeter” is the main stream combination. It will be easy for all the factions to use missiles to get through instances.
(2)UEO is the only faction that has Battleship which has 6 modules. It is a great advantage because in the later game ships are designed according to others modules to take advantages (including range, resistance and such). An important thing to keep in mind is that UEO don’t have any aircraft bonus, so the aircraft of UEO is the weakest among three factions.
 Altairian——all aspect fighter
(1)Altairian can research laser and lance weapon first. The key for Altairian is the Lance which causes most damages in game. A design with lance and EMP is good enough to ignore enemy’s resistance. With higher range, lance can causes massive damage in the first round to the enemy.
Beside, Altairian has 25% bonus on the capacity of fighter bay. Comparing to UEO, it has more aircrafts while comparing to Seekers, it has more powerful ships. With proper topping up, it will be much easier for Altairians to win the faction battle and kill UEO in the Cradle.
(2)Altairian has the ability to produce crystals which can be used to produce Lance and advanced colony construction and relatively it is the most expensive rare resources in game. Altairians can make a fortune if they are working hard enough.
By the way, BOSS ship—-Royal Fighter costs crystals and it is a ship with high cost performance. Generally, Altairian is good to be merchant in the game because other players have high demand on crystals.
 Seeker——Tank or DPS
(1)Seeker can research canon and railgun. These two weapons only cost ore, which means seekers are easy to form a massive army in the earlier game. There are two ways for seekers: 1, spend your time and money on God Wind Ship and covert research, which makes you god like together with faction bonus.2, Forget about the range. Concentrate on armor and use aircrafts
(2)To make aircrafts fully function, seekers need to learn how to build a great carrier which is a ship with module of only fighter bay.
Here are some main stream designs:
1 Interceptor + military missile + military targeter;
2 Interceptor + rail repeater + military scrambler;
3 Bomber + heavy armor + nuclear rockets(tank design)
Among all cash players, seeker is the most powerful, UEO second
2. How to turn the table in faction battle
 Train newbie
Recruit new players with average online time and teach them how to get the game quickly. There is no need for more 3-6 elite members of an alliance.
 Faction battle bonus
There is a setting in faction battle, if a faction doesn’t get anything from last faction battle, it will gain 10% damage bonus and 30% armor bonus. This will make those around ranking 100 step into top 30 easily.
 No ship loss for attacker
Lost ships in attaching dispatch points will be recovered in colonies. Military exp is still given to the attacker. So, capturing one’s dispatch point is a good way to take part in the faction battle for new guys.