[Kingdoms CCG] Rich Kids Deck

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After seeing a guy playing 3(!!!) maelstorm phoenix in one duel (he played one every turn!!!) I decided to design a rich kids deck:

Hero: T2 Unaligned or T3 Unaligned (when he comes out)

4x Undead Doomsayer
4x Maelstorm Phoenix
4x Pegasus
4x Blessed Champion
1x Diryam the Dementor

Edited: Spells:
4x Rejuve Potion
4x Maelstorm
4x Fireball
2x Mass Polymorph

4x Shadow Dagger
1x Time Mantle

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There are only 4 elemental spells in there, for four pheonixes.

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btw: a phoenix with fly and haste is good by itself already…