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I’l be gathering all my ship ideas here.

List of content:

The Blood Rose
Ant Mk. Zero

Master Wilzahar flying Arcana

Pilot profile:
Wilzahar is the Grand Master of the respected Society of Wizards. Ever since Wilzahar became aware of the raging B! war, he’s been building an epic battle ship, just to show who’s the boss!

His ship is a powerful symbiosis of ancient magics and modern mechanics. Accompanied by two highly intelligent magical beasts, materialised as two mech wyverns, Wilzahar can never be surprised by the enemy!

Unique ship that is well aware of it’s surroundings. Arcana also has extraordinarily high energy regeneration.

Ship statistics:
• Medium, topped at around 2300 possibly.

• Medium;
• Greatly increases as the twin wyverns are onboard.

• Smallest of all ships.

Speed and Handlingr:
• Avarage speed with very high thrust force(acceleration);
• Superior handling.


Arcane Bolts Q

Fires multiple bolts at growing rate, in random directions from in front of the ship.
• The bolts are released about 1.5 ship length ahead of the ship.
• Very low damage per bolt, but high total dmg when focused on a target.
• Bolts cause minor slowdown(10%)

This weapon can be used as moderate/high focused damage source, or as an area control weapon since the bolts travel slow and distant causing minor slowdown to possibly multiple enemies.

Crystalize W

Traps all nearby enemies in magical crystal shells, rendering the immobile and jams their weapons.
• Crystalized enemies cannot take damage, but the crystal shell can, and will not go away until it’s destroyed by either ally or enemy, or worn out by time(20sec).

Azurga E

Spirit of Azurga, the Beast of Winds, rests within this blue mechanical wyvern.
• Toggles Azurga’s mode between Aggressive, Defensive and On Board

Aggressive Mode: Azurga scouts nearby areas for enemies, and fearlessly assaults them at melee range upon sight.

Defensive Mode: Azurga remains at close distance and attacks enemies that are hostile towards the master, or the ones the Arcana is targeting.

On Board Mode: Azurga finds the shortest route to the host and lands on it’s wing. Azurga provides the Arcana some additional buffs described later, when on board.

Khimara R

Spirit of Khimara, the Beast of Flames, rests within this yellow mechanical wyvern.
• Toggles Khimara’s mode between Offensive, Defensive and On Board

Offensive Mode: Khimara scouts nearby areas for enemies, and tactically assaults them using long ranged weapons.

Defensive Mode: Khimara remains at close distance and attacks enemies that are hostile towards the master, or the ones the Arcana is targeting.

On Board Mode: Khimara finds the shortest route to the host and lands on it’s wing. Khimara provides the Arcana some additional buffs described later, when on board.


Azurga is aggressive melee fighter that deals high damage and sucks energy out of enemies it manages to stick on to.

Energy: 1000/1200/1500
Regen: 18/20/23 per sec
Speed: Extreme (5/5)
Agility: Moderate (3/5)
On board bonuses: Regen +25%, Speed +25%, Cooldowns -25%

Khimara is a tactical fighter armed with heavy ballistic sniper cannon on it’s back, along with a rapid fire arcane blaster.

Energy: 1300/1600/2000
Regen: 28/32/38 per sec
Speed: High (4/5)
Agility: Extreme (5/5)
On board bonuses: Regen +25%, Handling +25%, Damage reduction +10%

Both wyverns take 15 seconds to respawn(in On Board mode) after death.
When both wyverns are released, they work together as a very efficient Defender, Scout or Hunter team depending on their modes.

Defenders (Both in Defensive mode)

The wyverns put extra effort in blocking projectiles from hitting the master.

Scouts (Defensive and Offensive mode)

The wyverns scout near to moderately distant areas and assault enemies on sight. The main focus is in seeing as much area as possible (reveal enemies on minimap).

Hunters (Both in Offensive mode)
The wyverns seek and chase enemies at any distance, and won’t give up until enemy is dead or further commands are given.

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Lobster nice to see that your back :D Great Ship idea as always, change the idea of the 1st 2 loadouts, to much like circe for my liking, but good idea over all. Suggestion for Arcane blast: charging short ranged blast that if it hits at full charge is pretty much a One hit KO, its deployment is slow, expands in a circle around the ship (range: as big as hiru lvl 1 nectron overload). Just a suggestion, I think it would make this ship more original.

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Thank you for the suggestion, i’m adding the 2nd one, and thinking about tweaks for first loadout.

Edit: Nope, added 2 totally new ones!

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The Blood Rose
Collab with gammaflux, most of the ideas from him!

Art: lobstershow
Pilot Profile: A vicious, deadly plant monster from another dimension.
It’s after some B!, simply because it’s hungry! Oh and it’s home world is destroyed by greedy galatic lumberjacks, for which it seeks revenge!

Description: Slow ship with great health, and self healing abilities. Rotates extremely fast due to it’s ability to flip it’s body.


Thorn Ball Mouse/Q
Spits out small thorn balls with grappling vines, at high velocity, that stick into enemy with the vines, and pulls them around making the ship handling harder.
– Small damage
– The effect applies to turrets too, making their rotation sloppy.
– Upgrade increases damage and projectile speed(therefore the flight distraction effect).

Spitfire Seeds W
Seed of a vicious, fiery plant sticks into anything it hits and grows into a deadly plant.
– The plant deals DoT to it’s host, and also damages nearby enemies with it’s fiery leaves.
– Host is also greatly slowed down.
– Plant also heals it’s mother, if nearby.
– Upgrade increases spawn time and energy cost.
• Host = the target it grows on.

Entangle E
Drops a ball of vines that slowly spreads out it’s roots, slowing and eventually trapping enemies.
– Deals damage if managed to trap an enemy.
– Upgrade increases growth time and radius.

Photosynthesis Passive
Through photosynthesis, you begin to heal your wounds much faster, however you also become more vulnerable to attacks.
– Greatly increases regeneration, but also slightly increases taken damage.(Not when moving)
– This works only when not using any thrusters, and the effect increases the less you’re in motion.
– Upgrade increases regeneration buff.

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Ez-Ukri flying Nectus Demonstration!

Pilot Profile: Commander Ukri from the planet Ez-Kal, is eager to try out his brand new ship. It’s hull of supercharged water protects the vulnerable ship itself, while storing enormous amount of energy.

Description: Fast ship with lots of electrical attacks that paralyze and slow enemies.
Has high energy, but very small cargo.


Passive: Nectus takes progressively more damage, the less energy it’s got.

Electrical Hoze Q/Mouse
Shoots a stream of highly electrified water.
– Deals small damage and slows down enemy turning speed.
– Upgrade increases range and damage.

Tesla Charge W
Overcharges the central capacitator, causing it to unleash it’s energy in multiple frontal lightning strikes.
– Deals small damage from each strike, and adds an X duration of paralysis per hit.
– Causes paralysis, which causes frequent malfunctions in enemy controls.
– Upgrade increases amount and length of lightning strikes, and energy cost.

Magnetic Grinder E
Generates a magnetic field that pulls enemies towards you, while an electrical saw blade spins around you.
– Deals high damage from the saw blade, but consumes a ton of energy.
– Can be aborted by pressing E again.
– Upgrade increases damage and duration.

Hyperdrive EmitterR
Drops an emitter that increases nearby allie’s fire rates and regen.
– Upgrade increases range and duration.

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Jaf Jaf Ra flying Anuba

Pilot Profile: Jaf Jaf Ra, or shortly Jara, once was the best Goa’uld pilot. However he was one of the few, one of the silent resistance, who were more intelligent, yet weaker than the others of their kind. They saw through their evil leader’s lies.

One day, Jara took one of the best Goa’uld fighter jets, and escaped, leaving behind destruction, and a promise that one day he returns to exterminate his corrupted race, take the resistance with him, and start all over.

Description: A slow tank-ship, with massive firepower.


Eye of Ra Mouse/Q
A strong solar beam that evaporates targets.
– Ship becomes slowed while using the beam.
– Beam follows mouse at high speed.
– Upgrade increases damage and max range.

Pharao’s Hammer W
Releases an energy orb with two massive rotating spikes attached, in an energy leash to swing around the ship and pummel enemies on the way.
– Upgrade increases damage and range.

Still thinking of this one E

Soul Shield R
Inpenetrateable energy barrier protects Anuba from all damage, and deflects bullets while converting them to friendly fire.
– Short duration.
– Has a visible, flashing charge time when used, before the shield becomes functional.
– Upgrade increases shield health and maximum duration.

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John flying Astrominer

Reference: Motherload

Pilot Profile: After a succesfull mining mission in Mars, the clone pilot code named John, got new assignment. He were meant to mine newly discovered mineral, B!, from far away asteroids.

On his last asteroid of the astro-week, he miscalculated the asteroid’s flight path, and crashed in a battlefield between two alien mother ships. Confused and being under constant attack, John had no choice but to fight back.

Description: A unique close combat ship with extra large cargo, due to the ship’s original purpose of mineral mining.
• Slow turning speed
• Medium flight speed and afterburners
• Medium energy


Vorpal Drill → Hypergon Drill → Bangrium Drill Q/Mouse
Activates the frontal Drill of the ship and drills through anything on it’s path.
– The drill is active whenever Mouse/Q is held, and drains energy.
– Active drill has 70% chance of destroying incoming projectiles. Applies to lasers and fire too.
– Deals medium damage per second and emits energy pulses that slows down enemy turning speed.
– Upgrade increases pulse range and drill damage.

Mineral Hooks
Designed to grab floating pieces of asteroid for grinding, it also suits well for grabbing enemy ships.
– Sticks into enemy for duration and drags them towards your drill.
– Drains minor amount of energy per sec.
– Upgrade increases max range and duration.

Shaft Miner → Tunnel Miner → Wormhole Miner
Enters an unstopable mining mode.
– Deals massive damage from the drill, and the side grinders while leaving energy rips behind that deals minor damage.
– Slowly moves forward, unturnable and unstopable(exept for a wall).
– Upgrade increases damage and duration.

Blast Shields Passive
Passive shield that toughens every time it takes damage, and provides extra defense against big damage sources.
– Toughens up to X% shielding, and fades away when not taking damage.
– Additionally, always resist a progressive amount of dmg from single hits.
– Upgrade increases maximum damage resistance.
Suggestion for the resists:
• 2% passive resistance per 50 taken damage, up to 50 / 55 / 60%
• 3% progressive resistance per 100dmg in single hit.
• passive resistance fades at rate of 10%/sec after 3 seconds.
• Fully charged lv3 Iado Beam with 32 damage techs would do
211 to 528 damage depending on the passive shields condition.

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Garlos “Juggernaunt” Kierce flying ANT Mk. Zero

Pilot profile: Garlos, the brother of Sinead has arrived to aid his sister in the battle for B!
Garloses ship is the very first design of the ANT space fighter, which was originally designed as a close combat brawler with extraordinary defensive capabilities due to it’s Unobtanium plating.

Description: Heavy close to medium range fighter. The ship’s stats are all pretty avarage, exept for very fast speed and acceleration.

The ship has unique Unobtanium hull, which gets stronger as it takes damage, and cools down when not under fire.


Stinger Rockets Q
Very rapid rocket launcher that uses special StinGeR-rockets, which are strongly guided at mobile targets.
• The more the enemy moves, the more surely these will hit.
• Perfect chasing weapon

Ion Ray W
A short but incredibly powerful ray that focuses on targets.
• Focuses on targets and progressively increases DPS.
• The launcher is capable of rotating a little, allowing better focus on targets.
• Superior damage, but also superior energy usage.

Rain of Light E
Drops 4 flare bombs which explode into dozens of blinding flares that covers a large area.
• Blinds everyone within the radius, and inflict blind on enemies that touch the flares.

Shield Power R
The ship’s Unobtanium hull begins to boost the ship as it takes damage.
• Boosts fire rate, speed and damage.

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Pilot profile: Dragon god Bahamut is one of the oldest of ancient space creatures like the Xxggghhr’thulhu. Bahamut however is much more intelligent, and instead of mindles rage, it plans it’s tactical attacks to render the enemy defenseless, before the final blow.

Description: Bahamut can cause multiple effects, which are all small or medium, but last for extra long time.

Bahamut has the same flipping ability as the Blood Rose, making it extremely agile. However, Bahamut is rather slow.


Fire Breath → Napalm Breath → Dark Breath Q
Breaths a wide wavy spray of fire for a two seconds.
• Bahamut is slowed by 25% during this loadout.
• Lv 1 deals small damage and additional burn damage;
• Lv 2 gets a radical increase in burn damage and duration;
• Lv 3 gets a small main damage boost and starts to weaken enemy armor.

Kiss of Death W
Bites the closest enemy in melee range and lets the deadly venom in it’s teeth condemn the enemy to death.
• Doomed enemy can NOT receive healing from any source.
• Doom causes 3000/3300/3900 damage over 180 seconds.
• Also causes a minor slow down for a very long time.

Cloak of Darkness E
Cloaks the Bahamut in dark matter which protects from all statuses while attacking nearby enemies with dark lightning bolts.

Megaflare → Gigaflare → Teraflare R
Charges for a very long time before unleashing the fiery dark hell, around the…no…EVERYWHERE!
• Bahamut is immobile during charge, but free to move after it.
• During charge, small amount of energy is drained from nearby enemies, while slowing them down a bit.
• Then the Bahamut unleashes a huge spinning inferno that spits napalm and explosive fireballs everywhere, while pulling enemies towards and doing some serious DPS to the ones within it.
• Fireballs can fly across walls.
• Total damage of the attack is insane, but it’s widely spread, therefore cannot be focused.

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Arcana could shoot through walls and hit turrets with almost all of it’s bolts.

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Very interesting ship ideas.

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Building a new demonstrator!

Warning: Going nuts with the input fields at top right will crash your browser!

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lobster here is the link to The Black Omen profile https://dl.dropbox.com/u/110199701/The%20Black%20Omen.doc

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Sorry klack, i think i’m going to use the Plague as a pilot for another ship idea :D I’ll see if i have a moment to draw the Reaper too.

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Lol it is fine lobster. I just want to see this one eventually. But now I have to change the profile again D:

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Hey lobster can you get to work on the Black Omen soon all you need to do is draw the picture :D

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I see ships good for individual playability but doesn’t really improve the game’s dynamics. Design a summoner ship competing against mine :-p

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What’s your summoner ship then?