[Texas HoldEm Poker Deluxe] Poker Deluxe on Kongregate! Extra 250% Bonus for First Purchase of 50 Kreds!

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Following Galaxy Online II, IGG is happy to announce our 2nd partnership venture with Kongregate: Texas Hold’Em Poker Deluxe will also be coming to Kongregate very soon! To show our appreciation for all our fans on Kongregate, Texas Hold’Em Poker Deluxe will be holding a 700% Bonus on ALL purchases! And that’s not all! If you are making your first purchase, pick the 50 Kreds chip package and you will receive an additional 250% Bonus!

Event Duration:
November 28th – December 4th EST (GMT-5)

950% Bonus for First Purchase of 50 Kreds!
1000 Kreds = 367,080,000 (700% Bonus)
500 Kreds = 146,832,000 (700% Bonus)
200 Kreds = 33,037,200 (700% Bonus)
100 Kreds = 5,506,200 (700% Bonus)
50 Kreds = 3,622,500 (7000% Bonus + First Purchase Pack which values 250% Bonus)

Note: You will only receive the additional 250% Bonus if you purchase the 50 Kreds package on your FIRST purchase. If you purchased any other chip package before purchasing the 50 Kreds package, you will not receive the 250% bonus.