[Dragon's Call] Compensation for roll back on s2,s5

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Dear players,

Hours ago, we performed an emergency maintenance in Server 2 and Server 5, and deeply sorry for that since there is some technical problem occurred, then we had to roll back data to Nov. 25th in Server 2 and Server 5

We decide to give out this Compensation Pack to players in Server 2 and Server 5.

The Compensation Pack includes:
VIP membership * 6 days
Experience bless * 24 hours
Action Points 200
Energy Crystal * 100
Magic Debris * 100
Magic Scroll I
Magic Scroll II*10

Players above level 40 in Server 2 and Server 6 may claim it during EST 21:00 Dec. 2nd – EST 21.00 Dec. 4th

Sorry for any inconvenience and we appreciate your support!

Ray Media Group Limited
Nov. 29th, 2012