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Leave your suggestions here, please.

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It would be good if you add more filters to the cards collection, so we can sort by rarity, sets (standart, pro, etc.).

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Reword Immunity to: Unaffected by harmful abilities.
or something to that effect.
Fact: Immunity is also immune to your own thirst, Armageddon etc effect, those are not “enemy effects”

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deathvonduel, thanks, Immunity text will be changed soon.

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I believe there should be a public card Auction in this game. Things would get much more interesting.
To avoid alternative accounts problem the payment could be only in imperials and the offer could only be 1000 imps (or something like that) more than the previous offer (so, no-limit offers with cash transfert from alt to alt should be avoided).
To start an auction you could ask for 1 ounce if you need it – no more I think.

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Clan wars:
In order to make clan wars more fun for all players, you should reward active clans beyond the top three. A lot of players have suggested this in the forums and chat.
It’s not healthy for the game to have the same top 3 or 4 clans competing for the same places again and again. Forcing the top clans to enter into conflict with one another by map placement would be a good way of ensuring that they compete against players with decks on approximately the same level, rather than just racking up influence points by declaring whenever possible and beating bots and much weaker clans. Of course, if a top clan drops to a lower position because of this, then next round they’ll be in a better position to get influence points, and a top three placing.

You changed dragon because people who farmed it made a lot of imps initially if they had good decks – though eventually the dragon started using a player’s own deck against them, so the odds of victory would drop to 50/50. The fix to require players spend ounces on dragon has resulted in a huge decline in the number of players doing it. A better solution would be to make the dragon into a daily campaign, so that players can only beat each dragon X number of times per day. You should set X based on how many imps you want entering the economy – but after you set an X of, say, 1-3, you should be able to adjust it easily afterwards based on the data.

Many players have requested a way to change their portal changeover times from the time they were first opened. You could implement this via one-off payment or tower improvement.

Cards from previous sets that are no longer available:
You should make cards from previous sets available somehow, as they represent a unique advantage for the players who have them. I suggest that one should be made available each moenth as a legacy pack in the store alongside the new monthly pack.

The lab:
Players who have researched all lab cards have nothing to do with the elemental xp at present. Introducing new cards to the lab would be a stop-gap solution at best. Allowing players to convert element xp to imps would be a huge rush of imps into the economy. So, I suggest that you should solve the “inaccesible old sets” problem at the same time as this one – require that players spend elemental xp to access the current “legacy pack” monthly set. For example, when the current “masters of the sands” pack becomes available as a legacy pack, you should spend X plains elemental xp to unlock its purchase for imps or ounces.

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For the newly implemented “Hero Enhancing” please add a filter to sort cards by element or maybe name – at the moment it is hard to find a card you want to sacrifice fast. And would it be possible to show the exp they give on the screen?

Second, it would be appreciated if one could see what the hero will become – if you don’t want to spoiler us totally, could you please at least show the next evolution step of a hero we own – because we are able to look it up anyway, so why not showing us?

Oh and the “back” button in the enhancement menu should bring you back where you were, like to enhance dark – and not just back to the laboratory…

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Experience for enhancing ought to be earned in battle! Whatever experience the player recieves from a battle, any heroes that the player used in that battle should recieve the same amount of experience.

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About the enhancing tab, would be nice to be able to select a number (fixed or chosen by player) of cards instead of furiously clicking.

About the xp required, would be nice to lower slightly the amount of “cards xp” (or increase the amount of xp the cards give) and increase the amount of “elemental xp”.
Right now seems too expensive to enhance rarer heroes (ur or promos ones).

Keep up the good work Bytex.

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Just my personal suggestion, i’d love to see some %discounts on tower upgrades during the hollidays :)

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Hi Bytex,

First – I want to explain why I am writing this. I don’t want to offend or insult you in any way. I want to help you – because I like the idea of this game. I want and like to develop new strategies and combinations and try them. And because of that I want this game to be fun and I want the people who play this game to be happy. And at the moment it is not and they are not having fun. The game is addictive but frustrating – not the best combination at all…

Let me start with a quote: “Users will come for the game, but they will stay for the community.”
So let’s talk about the community – I have never seen a single day when the people in the chat where talking more about game strategies instead of complaining about this game. But to keep people playing the game you need a good community. So what to do? First thing is to find out why people are complaining – I don’t know if you have followed the chat secretly sometimes… But the people are complaining about your “pay2win” concept.

I don’t know if you have heard of this fact: Just 5-10% of players of a game are paying players… this are the ones you want, but you also NEED the free 90-95% of players to be happy. Why? → For the community! You won’t get a new generation of paying players, when the mood in the community is bad.

So, now we know that pay2win makes people unhappy, preventing them from staying and preventing you from getting more paying players. But why does it make people unhappy?
Let’s at first look at the definition of pay2win:
“Pay to win is a way where the users that are paying receive great benefits and the free player aren’t able to reach that kind of benefit no matter how long they play.”
You must confess – this is actually how Berserk works.

If you can pay to buy an item that is better than anything I can get without paying myself then you are paying to win. (Exclusive Cards – Evo Sets and so on) It destroys any competition in a game at all. Pay or loose! And this is why people don’t like it. I should have a chance to win with hard work, but with “pay2win” my hard work doesn’t mean a damn thing, I can never be as good as other players that pay are. So if my hard work means nothing at all, and I don’t plan to pay, what reason would I have to play the game at all? None!
Like the fact that only 5-10% of players are normally paying it is also a fact that a game is bad when more than this percentage of players IS really paying – because they see they can’t win without spending money. They pay a little, see that they have to pay a lot more, get frustrated and leave. You will in short gain some more money but on the long term loose so much, that it isn’t working as a concept at all.

The day you made pro boosters available for imps was the day most of the players that wanted to stop playing this game where really happy – now there was a real chance to be as good as the others one day. Maybe some even paid a bit to get to that day at a greater speed. But now they had a chance to play longer, work harder and get as good as people speeding the game up with money. Because that is ok – speeding it up a bit with money is totally ok, not all people have the time to play all day long – me neither by the way – and for them to be competitive it’s cool to speed the game up with money. But it’s not ok for 90-95% of your players when others get cards they can never ever get without spending lots and lots of money.

And there is another thing about the psyche of humans you have to keep in mind – if you you just want to speed up the game a bit and you can pay a little without being stuck to spend more and more if you started then you do it. Otherwise the game is a money trap and humans hate traps… Buying an evo pack means you have to buy more evo packs, else you wasted your money → but knowing that, keeps people from even buying one of them so they don’t get in the trap of wanting to buy more…

So my suggestion what to do, if you don’t want to loose all your customers (yet people who spent a lot of money will leave a game where no others are left to play with):
- Make everything – yes, every card and every competition – that includes all booster packs and boxes, squads (if you can’t get the cards otherwise) and campaigns (for cards – at least once), dragon, and researched cards available for imps! you can make them really expensive, very very expensive but make them available! You can of course additionally give everything an ounces price – but balance the ounces a bit to match the imps
- let island protection and tower inventory and tower improvements for ounces – maybe also the campaigns where you get the “heads” for your tower! That’s what you make real money with in addition to the people who speed up their game – to be cool!

Play League of Legends – this is the best paying concept I’ve ever seen – and they are at place three of the money-makers of the “free to play” games!

You will see – maybe the first one or two month you get less income – but the number of players will raise and so will your income!

Have a very merry Christmas

(Sorry for any English mistakes – I’m not a natural speaker… )

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I am a gamer and I enjoy a selection of single-player and multi-player games of all genres and types.

As a former Magic the Gathering fan I was instantly enjoying Berserks mechanics and its pacing is done exceptionally well.

I played Berserk for a few month now, gathered enough island pieces to buy a steady stream of the expensive pro boosters and considered more than often to reward the developers of this game by purchasing ounces… but I can’t.

As a gamer on a deep level Berserk outright disgusts me. It can hide it’s hideous and ugly soul with the swift game-play and appealing artworks.

Previously I have outright rejected ANY game with a pay to win mechanic and most of the gaming community did as well.
It is very disappointing to see this trend, especially in strongly anticipated titles like Diablo3. But other gamers of the old generation still share my feelings and at this point Diablo 3 is a ghost town while Diablo2 had a vivid community for many many years.

Playing Berserk was a mixture of hope and denial, the hope of meaningful changes to create something less evil and denial in a way where you want to prove winning with “free” cards is still possible. (But it wasn’t)

In a way the developers of berserk are genius since they make certain players pay so much to compensate for hundreds and thousands of disappointed players. The greatest move was making players who quit an essential part of the game (can’t conquer no active player).

But the truth is:
At least not from my or from previous generations.

Just now the new set of Evolution cards proves to be such a huge money trap I would have to imagine some kind of supervillan laughing maniacally while proposing it to the developers.

How the game could have been done without trouble or how berserk2 should be:
1. No ounces anywhere, just imps
2. Most Tower improvements for $ *
3. Every Player can only have 8-10 Squads (to get two for most elements)
4. Offer a “full game” set with all $ improvements for the price of a AAA Title (seriously, making more cash on a single player than a developer who put years into state of the art engines is unreasonable)

  • Good Tower upgrades would just offer more convenience: 80% less barbarians, a “can’t be attacked for 24h” upgrade that recharges every week so players who need it can take a day off each week, slightly more portals (paying should help you catch up to others, not make it impossible for others to catch up to you), decorations and most importantly raise the number of possible squads (for example because players will want to have 3 squads of each element or even more for special squads like a darky deck)
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Simply put, officers or more deputy slots for Clan wars. Even 1 extra deputy would help with an extra phase to declare now. Just a thought thanks for listening.

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Yup, i agree with AchmedSr. Also some way to pass leadership without being forced to leave the clan would be welcome.

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this is more a doubt than a sugestion but is there going to be a new mini-set this month?

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you must do new boster boxes, with standar booster.
im sorry i speak spanish. if you can read spanish:
yo se que el juego es grandioso, las cartas poseen un diseño increible, pero si un jugador es gratuito posee desventajas muy grandes, y ya se que te lo han dicho, pero debes reducir el precio de los boster boxes, pero se que esa es una de tus principales fuentes de ingresos, entonces podrias hacer boster boxes de el set standard, que sean adquiribles con imperiales, obiamente con un costo alto en imperiales, similar a la proporcion de ounces usadas en los pro bosters y boxes en set profesionales pero esta proporcion incluiria a los ounces y a los imperiales, en este caso en el set standard.

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so basicly u are saying that u think that booster boxes should be possible to buy with ounces too… i think.
well im not a pay 2 play player but im against that sugestion just because would make bytex with almost any income, they in mid october (i think) made the pro boosters packs available to everyone putting them with a price of 50K imps and i can tell u this: bytex save the game with this because many people were leaving the game because it was too unfair and to make it fair bytex took a little bit of her income to give players a game where more fair.
Now if u ask to put booster boxes imps too i think it is taking it to far… pro boosters are good too buy them

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Originally posted by ZPRS:

so basicly u are saying that u think that booster boxes should be possible to buy with ounces too… i think.
well im not a pay 2 play player but im against that sugestion just because would make bytex with almost any income, they in mid october (i think) made the pro boosters packs available to everyone putting them with a price of 50K imps and i can tell u this: bytex save the game with this because many people were leaving the game because it was too unfair and to make it fair bytex took a little bit of her income to give players a game where more fair.
Now if u ask to put booster boxes imps too i think it is taking it to far… pro boosters are good too buy them

no, isnt the point.

i said that bytex had to make booster boxes with standard set, and this could be purshasable with imperials, like elemental boosters.

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could the evolution boosters be upgraded for imperials? PLEASE!

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Also if a land’s outer ring is already conquered, could you just redirect it to another player?

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ZPRS we have plans to release new mini-set in February.

Thanks to all for suggestions. Now we are working on renewing of the CW. So all your ideas about it can be helpful.

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JILLA hero-add 3 new skills -COMMANDER 1 or 2/!PLAIN HEALER 2[heal allied plains cards 2 per turn][regenerate 4.rise health to 9 and to be card type with red gem.

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I can’t get the set and gift cards that I haven’t got… :( Could you just insert them to professional set or make something else to fix it???

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Hi bytex :)
There is a big issue with the Clan Wars, there is absolutely no interest for most players to play it since only 4 or 5 clans can take one of the first places. Because of that all players want to join the top clans, even the ones who could create some new clans, and therefore create competition but who don’t because they know the five same guilds will keep winning. You should absolutely expand the numbers of clans who can get a reward (like the ten or the twelve first clans in every era, that would make CW much more interesting for all the players, even as an observer), maybe a system based on the influence points or the victories earned in every era. Hope you can work something up cause you’re gonna lose players if you don’t make something about it.

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Higher limit of people able to declare war in clans, rewards for at least first 5 clans instead of 3, a “add as friend” button when you visit a portal instead of manualy typing over names (you can’t even copy paste… seriously.) and more of a question, do you plan to do a discount on tower improvements anytime soon? Thanks.