[Legacy of Heroes] I got EPICALLY trolled

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Nero’s turn begins

Nero draws Finishing Blow
Nero plays Finishing Blow

Nero’s ACO POW badge has added +1 shield.Nero’s buff from Mind’s Eye fades
Ixnay’s buff from >Pointed Response< fades
Finishing Blow deals 0 damage to Ixnay
Critical Hit!!
+ 1 Attack
+ 5 Crit
– 2 Shield
– 4 Bonus (Effects/Buffs)
Total = 0

I discarded 28 cards, he had 10 cards and 2 shield, I got excited, until…..well you can see……laugh it up….I did lol

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I’ve had Pointed Response negate quite a few of my bombs/nukes/whatevers.
That’s what happens when you aren’t paying attention, sadly enough.