[Clash of the Dragons] Mindblast bug or somesuch.

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I have suspected that Mindblast isn’t working over the last few days but never really checked it out as my matches were moving too fast. However today in a duel I was able to see very clearly that it wasn’t being triggered and is definitely bugged.

I had it in my hand when my opponent played covered advance. Covered advance dealt damage to me, (3) as I recall, and Mindblast did not trigger. I didnt lose the match and am not looking for compensation or anything, but Mindblast is a very useful card and I would like to see it working again so i thought I should let y’all know.

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I don’t know if mindblast is affected or not, but for some stupid reason, blanking cards have been blanking the ‘scary monsters’ monster cards before they are ever added to the opponent’s deck, instead of cards that were in the deck already… who knows how many other adding to the deck cards are doing this same thing…

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Thanks for the report Brandson, we’re looking into this issue.

That’s a different issue Alden, but we’re looking into that one as well ^^