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Hi all I’m a nearly new (i play since 1 week ago) in Kingdoms CCG… and i’m looking for some help! I want to ask some things to an older player and i’m searching for a guild now! I’m a veteran on card games so i’m not a noob :) i play magic since i was 10 and now i’m 20 ;) so add me if you want to help me and play with me!
my kongregate name is mattiaGoD and my kingdoms nick is mattiaLight :D

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Hello Mattia

First off, even though you might be good at card games, that doesn’t makes you good at Kingdoms from the get go; you want the cards first. The basic tips i give to starting players is to Clear the Campaign, don’t spend your gems yet, and buy only Core Gold until you’ve amassed a decent collection. Also, another good tip is don’t search for guilds, guilds are high end competition and very little of them accept fresh meat as it drags them down to the floor.

Feel free to add me for further advice, Kingdom’s names is also GregarFalzar so you don’t have to guess