[The Grinns Tale] Ruby/Diamond Suggestion

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As we all know, Facebookers can just gift these precious stones to each other.
If I had known this game was on Facebook I would have been playing there instead. And I’ve come too far here on Kong to turn back. Too much grind.

So what about us Grinn’s Tale players from Kongregate?

Give us a daily spin or something! or several daily quests that reward several, different useful things!

Or since Fuzzlehorn now eats, how bout x40 Mysterious Feather = 2 Rubies? That seems more than fair since that’s all the Grand Gatekeeper drops.

x40 Mysterious Feathers = x2 Rubies
x40 Someone’s Ring = x1 Diamond

Something like that! Can’t just force us to waste all this time to get one ruby from a boss. I could have been done with with a full set already but no I’m still trying to complete it getting rubies rather than finishing the last set of floors!

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FB doesn’t get socks/scarves from rally. You’d like to farm that instead? Or would you make another QQ thread “Kong has such easy access to scarves, we need one too!”? There will always be that one item you need to grind for. If not rubies, than diamonds. If not diamonds, than Forest Raccoon Tail. This horse has been flogged to death, resurrected, then flogged again.

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FB doesn’t get Socks from rallying, they get scarves, they can also gift both socks and scarves. People are always going to be annoyed about the obvious imbalance between FB and Kong, and if you think the difference isn’t massive you’re just ignorant.

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Oh wow, I was blissfully ignorant of the fact that Facebook users didn’t have to grind for rubies and diamonds. Frustrating that it’s too late for me to switch platforms now; I’ve been playing for too long to start again. Would never have played on Kong if I’d known this!

Also, I too have noticed that even with pickpocket the bosses sometimes only drop one item. Even when the adventurer definitely landed the final blow. Not sure if it’s a bug or intentional.

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When you see a single item drop from pickpocket it is because two of that item dropped. May not show properly at the time of drop but check your items after and you will have received two of it.

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A full explaination will be that the ability increase the amount of drop by two times. The boss only drop one item normally, if hit with pickpocket, it will drop two items, it may and may not be the same item. It can be 1 ruby and 1 claw, or 2 ruby or 2 claw, and other combination. This does not count for first encounter with the floor bosses. I have gotten 2 rubies in one hit, and 1 rubies with another item. Its the same for diamond as well.