[Odin Quest] Improve More Attributes Higher for Equips in Improve System

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Keep up to improve more attributes for your awesome equips and make your combat force more powerful with the enhanced Skins now! Now we will introduce the new system IMPROVE to improve more stats for you.

Enter the game, click Enhance button and select Improve to start you trip of being more powerful.

A. Background
Black Elf not only can forge advanced equips, but also enhance them with Moon Crystal to make them more powerful.

Using Moon Crystal, players can refresh and improve new attributes for advanced equips. If the one of the improved attribute is high enough, players can use Moon Seal to lock it to avoid its decrease in next improve.

Improve Guide

Click to view Improve guide.

1. Lv50 or above equips can be improved.
2. You need Moon Crystal in Improve.
3. Moon Crystal can be combined by Moon Crystal Fragments which are split from Lv30 Blue/Purple equips+ in Split system.
4. Players can exchange Moon Crystal Fragments for Moon Crystal from Enhance Exchange NPC-Martha currently or merge that with MB in near future. Players can also purchase the crystals in Shop.
5. The higher the equips are, the more kind of attributes will be improved. Players can improve 3 attributes for Lv50-59 equips, 4 attributes for Lv60-69 equips and 5 attributes for Lv70+ ones.
6. Moon Shape before the attribute stands for the quality of Improve. There are three qualities of Crescent, Half-moon and Full-moon.
7. Players can improved attribute of Lv50-59 equips to Crescent quality, improved attribute of Lv60-69 equips to Half-moon quality and improved attributes of Lv70+ equips to Full-moon quality.
8. When all 4 attributes of Lv60-69 equips reach Half-moon quality, players can activate extra attributes and when all 5 attributes of Lv72+ equips reach Full-moon quality, players can activate extra advanced attribute.
9. Players can use Moon Seal to lock the attribute you won’t change in next Improve.
10. After each Improve, players can replace with new attributes at any time.
11. All bound Moon Crystal and Moon Seal will be used in preference and all equips improved will become bound.
12. Players can also transfer improved attributes in Transfer (not open yet)
13. The improved attributed can only be transferred between equips of same part.
14. No protection token is needed in transferring improved attributes. And the higher attributes will be transferred 100%. You can preview the attributes you will obtain before you start the transfer.
15. All equips used in Transfer will be bound.

Players can also split unused equips to obtain necessary Moon Crystal Fragments. Click Enhance-Split to enter Split system.

1. Lv30+ Blue/Purple equips can be used to be split to Moon Crystal Fragments, which are used to combined Moon Crystal, the necessary items in Improve.
2. Players can use Blue Moon Crystal Fragment*12 to exchange for Blue Moon Crystal*1. Blue Moon Crystal*3 = Purple Moon Crystal*1, Purple Moon Crystal Fragment*3 = Purple Moon Crystal*1.
3. All Fragment obtained in Split system are bound.

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Question since it donesnt say: If a blue item is moon-upgraded and then the item itself is improved to purple (e.g.: Amulett), are the blue moon ugrades then transfered automatically or will they be reset, since purple crystals will be needed then?

Second question: Do I need a new Moon Seal for every new improvement i make or just once, if i like one of my attributes to lock it permanently? Is the seal permanent or not (just for one improve?)