[Galaxy Life] Galaxy Life version 0.69.8 Release Notes

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NEW GAME UPDATE! As many of you asked for, we tweaked the deployment of items like walls or traps, improved the battle performance, added a new upgrade for Colossus and S-Trike, fixed the ‘show more gifts’ button or the ‘alliances in war’ filter and more!


  • Kongregate Highscores API implemented.
  • Colossus and S-Trike now have a new upgrade, being unlockable only as an alliance reward.
  • The items in the inventory which can be ‘built in the map’ like traps or walls can be deployed now in a single row.
  • Game performance in battle has been improved.
  • Changed “Ion storm” popup, now shows a fullscreen image with a more clear message on it.
  • Security improvements to block some hacks.
  • Improvements of the waves system for the upcoming Doomsday event.
  • Miniature icon in the tooltip of the items has been removed.
  • Other minor and internal improvements and tweaks.

Bug fixes

  • ‘Not In War’ feature listed alliances which had their shield enabled.
  • The “Show more gifts” button didn’t work under certain conditions.
  • News feed about passing a friend names points to another player wasn’t working properly.
  • Some buildings that weren’t destroyed by a nuke but were close to it stopped to be drawn under certain conditions.
  • Alliance requests were able to be sent to members of other alliances under certain conditions.
  • The user was able to drop units or special attacks even after the battle was considered ended under certain conditions.
  • The star base alliance flags animation was painted twice under certain conditions.
  • Other minor and internal fixes.