[Dungeon Overlord] Retaliation

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A settlement is raiding me , because I razed some of their villages..
Ok , this is normal.
I am a bit scared , maybe my troops are not strong enough to over-defeat them with no loss of my guys.
So i decide to hide the troops of my dungeon and see what will happen.

Many elves came to me and did really Nothing!
They did not steal stuffs, they did not pillage my rooms , they just took a couple of tea and came back at their tree-home…

Please enlight me about that, am I missing something on the way or is it really useless to fight against these elven retaliation raids ?

Thanks for answers..

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You get more leather when they attack you and you kill them. Also, even though they’re from castles or whatever, they end up around level 2. You’ll be fine.

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They raid a random room, if there’s stuff there to steal, they’ll steal, but if there isn’t, or the room can’t be stolen from, they won’t.

The size of reprisals scales with how much hate you’ve generated, in the early game, it should be manageable,b ut you need to watch hate levels on all the forts. This has more detail: