[Dungeon Overlord] Suggestions Thread (December) (locked)

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To keep from getting monster Suggestion Threads, but still have everything stay concise on the Forum, I’m going to periodically lock old Suggestion Threads, and begin a new one. For now, I’ll try it on a monthly basis, however, it that seems too frequent, we can reevaluate and perhaps do it after a number of pages, or something else. Let the Suggestions roll!

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This sounds like a suggestions thread for suggestion threads…

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Can something be done with the ‘empty’ levels? It’s not quite such a big deal in the early game, but later in the game where you’re running five, six levels without anything to encourage you to keep going…

I don’t know WHAT you’d do with the empty levels. I don’t really have a suggestion for that, I’m too much of a noob (haven’t even played for a full month yet) to say, but there’s got to be some kind of bonus or reward you can give a player who hit, say, fifty five, or fifty six, or fifty seven, or fifty eight, or fifty nine.

Buggery. Maybe use the ‘empty’ levels for a handful of DMs, like other people have suggested being given in game things for. Since I know Gobs and Tiles are meant to be at premiums and all.

I don’t know and I’m sort of rambling, so I’m going to finish this up here shortly. It just doesn’t seem right to have no reward after working on getting the tens or hundreds of thousands of experience over the days or weeks it takes to GET that level, to me.

Edited to add: Also, can you please fix the warlock movement thing? They like stopping on lines and corners of squares, and it makes shocking them even more of a hassle and chore than it already is. They’re moving through squares, stop parking in two of them, blast it.

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Initially, those spots held bonus tiles. However, those were moved earlier in the game. The players agreed that they would rather see them earlier, and have some holes later. Still, the team would like to add some bonuses there, and I will discuss your suggestion with them.

The way the Warlocks move is fairly random, and not related to location on the square. I’ll talk to the team and see if they feel there is a way to make this more predictable, or potentially centered for easier accessibility.

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Thank you kindly. I’ve noticed that the warlocks move randomly, but when they stop it’s almost never on a square that is clearly ‘Hi, this Warlock is sitting right here, please click this very square to shock it’. It’s usually ‘Maybe he’s here – or on this square! – or on this square!’ Once I even had to go through four squares to find the space the warlock was from, because it was sitting on a corner, which was… Irritating beyond all measure. >.<

…I’m rambling again. Really sorry. Thanks for your consideration.

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It’s completely understandable. Hopefully it is something they can make more functional.

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Sen, always look for the green shadow, that’s the square they’re actually in. But yeah, agree with the rest.

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yeah we joke in MS whoever programmed locks to move on diagonals should be drawn and quartered.

As for the empty levels. Sen you arent even close yet.

i hit 70 today.

Empty level after empty level for weeks. wheeeeeeeeee

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I think that when searching surveys in the reports screen, one should be able to list by # of mines or importance of dungeon (when each mine has a point value)

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Maybe an option to rotate furnitures? ;)

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The team has looked into adding more options for the survey results, and will should be able to add those types of features, when they expand the functionality.

Initially, the plan was to allow players to rotate Furniture. However, each piece of Furniture would require more assets for you to load. This would add a great deal more time to just accessing each Dungeon, so we opted not to do it.

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“to add to the shockery some sort of shockall to max efficiency while keeping them with some happiness or just a shockall button would be nice, as well as shocking updating their stats without unclicking and reclicking several times.

about the empty levels maybe add things like 1% mining boost? 1% resourse gain boost? 1% damage boost? 1% defense boost? just random idea’s of a demented overlord.

one thing i would personally like would be a way to “que” things, for example it takes only about 10 minutes for a goblin to survey a mine but i tend to play this game for 20 minutes in a row at most and check back 3 or 4 times a day… if i could “que” up actions such as this and attacking inactives or t1’s and stuff like that it would be extremely nice.

tournaments, structured battles where monsters may die (depending on preset options) but your monsters fight in an open area with no obstacles.

other then that i can’t think of anything that this game would remain this game as…" — ramblings of a demented overlord, pg. 22

shark: but when/if they do add more bonus’s you will get a load of stuff.

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What I would totally love to have is a search option in the leaderboards, that allow to sort players by the region of their starter dungeon. I mean, its nice to know, that Sharkhunter and Hestaby are really fat cats in Solace, but occassionally I would prefer to know, who is the local head honcho in research, say in Burning Woods, or how the competition in DeathMarsh is doing, without having to check a few hundred player profiles.

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sthreet, The issue with Shocking, is the load it places on the servers, and that’s not something implementing a “Shock All” feature would change, since it still would need to do all of the updates to the Creature’s stats.

The items that are given as Level Rewards were chosen deliberately, and the team would have to reevaluate the balance issues that could come with offering bonuses like that. 1% doesn’t seem like much, but add that up on several levels, and all of the furniture that can be applied, Technologies, and Shop Boosts, there may be an issue.

The team has talked about offering a queue option, specifically for Raiding. However, the other features would be valuable as well.

Offering tournaments in an arena setting, where there isn’t a defender/attacker bonus has also been discussed, but it would require implementing an entirely new system. It may be something to consider for the future.

Ghoulking, we plan on offering more options for leaderboards in the future. Having a name search, as well as an option to sort by Region would definitely make Leaderboards more functional.

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Hmm, a way to give some Level rewards without endangering the game balance could be to offer a bonus in materials. Like an additional daily reward chest, once, for leveling up. Maybe a bit of a material, that for an average player of that level is just out of reach to be mined or crafted. Or even a free piece of furniture, that the more advanced players of that level might have already, but that might give those, that dont really understand whats going on, one more clue. Like, why do I get a free quiet study from the game? My 8 lvl 1 warlocks dont need that!
Or, I didnt realize how useful firetraps can be against elves until I got my free one at level x.

There would be nothing that could really accumulate in an unfortunate way, players would probably still be rather unenthusiastic about getting, say, a free slug enclosure at reaching a formerly empty level, but it would be a gesture of good will.

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Oh, maybe some shop items could be a good idea as level reward. I especially think about free keys for mistery chests every once a while, plus an option to trade the chests on market. I dont think NoG would cut too deep into its revenue stream by doing so, and might even animate more players to occassionally buy one such key themselves.

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Those sound like really great suggestions, I’ll toss it around with the team, and see if it’s something they’ll consider!

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“well i’m no good at quotes on kong so i’ll just reply; shock all would solve the issue of clicking back and forth and clicking 20 times or so (i think, not sure) as well as not making me click each one, oops wrong warlock…

and not sure how % bonus’s work but that makes sense, can’t think of anything else that would be permenant and balanced… other then maybe + a definite mining speed or something, such as +1 gold per hour?
goulking has some idea’s better than mine, though i’d say something permenant no matter how insignifigant every 5 or 10 levels maybe? just my opinion though.

thank you for replying." —ramblings of a demented overlord, pg. 129

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Shock-all would relieve having to click, but you would have a substantial wait before you could continue playing, while the game updated all of the stats for each shocked Creature. The more Creatures in a Dungeon, the longer the wait. They are looking into solutions, and hope to resolve the pain of shocking, in some manner.

Something permanent would be ideal, but if we start adding bonuses in for level rewards, it’s very likely they’d be removed, for balance reasons, somewhere else. There are probably other things we can add, hopefully the team can come up with some solid rewards.

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Have I mentioned, I want a pony?

Also, a way to save, mark or fix certain Battle Reports to prevent them from vanishing in the constant stream would be handy. Real gravy would be an option in Mountain View to access the latest battle report recieved from a certain location.

To the empty levels, I had one more exotic (and laborious, if considered) idea. At certain levels players could get one random piece of a set. A complete set would allow to produce one node of a certain type in a dungeon of choice.
Say, for a primordial fire node, you would need a fire node inducer, a fire node compressor, a fire node igniter, a fire node controller and a fire node whatchawonnacalltthenextgimmickyitem. Now the only way to collect a set would be to find other Overlords that recieved the matching pieces at reaching that level and buy, coerce or steal it from them. And, off course, an ice node inducer wouldnt help setting up your fire node, which would complicate the search further.

Advantages I see:
The impact on balance would be low, as it would be a real task, to get even one additional node started, the additional player interaction would be considerable. And, well, if some level 50-60 dude actually manages to add one or two nodes to his favorite dungeon, after either buggering his complete alliance or interacting with other medium-level players for weeks, that wouldnt break the game. One more long-range task to keep the high level guys from getting bored.

Possible Disadvantages I see:
Some new items and graphic sprites needed. New possibilities for additional bugs and glitches have to be worked out. If I misestimate the player pool and nobody is willing to go through all that effort for a single extra node, that extra work could be in vain.

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Oh, something else would be extremely useful: The ability to deny stuff from being sent to my dungeon, so my valuables cant be raided out of my safe storage by sending me 10k Leather first. I think thats a game balance issue, as it practically makes locked cellars useless against pvp.

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I will let the team know there’s interest in those items, and see if they can work those ideas into future updates. The more complex level suggestions may be more than they’re looking to get into. The suggestions for the reports are very valuable, and improving that interface is something the team plans to look into. As for your last suggestion, I suspect that will cause a pretty good discussion on strategy and design.

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man, i was going to suggest something similar to goulkings idea about new nodes, will anyway…

also: or choosing what is safe and what isn’t maybe?

now before reading take in mine like most of my idea’s it will probably be difficult to implantat and i’m not the best with balance.

anyone one idea was allowing to put creatures in hibernation, maybe using p. ice to make them not do anything exept consume pop space? use p. fire to unfreeze them?
another idea is to allow you to pick up the furniture for level but the room with function as if level 1 without it placed.

for the next idea both the previous idea’s could potentially be required:

so for say 20 DM or something allow us to switch the nodes in two dungeons we control, example i have a starter dungeon and a 1x iron, 1x crystal, 1x gold, 1x p. water, 1x p. earth mine but i want all the resources from the second in the first. so i use 20 DM to to change them around, the way the current rooms would be handled could be any of the following or anything else:
-sell all tiles, pick up all furnature, hibernate all creatures
-downgrade and sell all rooms, kill all creatures (NO)
-pick up any furniure in the way but change any room to the node
-require a mine tile with no furnature on each spot where a node will be

but i think goulkings is better.

also thanks for replying.

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It would be nice to be able to see your total experience accrual on the overworld screen.

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We are making some changes with the Nodes for the Advanced Player Combat “Lord of the Underworld” Update. It won’t do exactly what you’re asking, but should improve Node quality in some of the lacking Dungeons. I will discuss the other options, as possibilities with the team.

As for the Experience accrual, hopefully that, along with some other stats, can be added to the details in the Overworld.