[Heavens] Heaven: Why?

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Did I miss something on the way in or is there a total lack of narrative here? I thought maybe some modicum of a back story would be revealed with time, but I’m level 6 now and still haven’t heard the first iota of explanation for the alleged setting.

What’s the significance of the tree(s)? Who and what are the players/guardians? Does anybody else inhabit this fractured realm or are we all just protecting the merchant (who seems to be the only non-guardian resident) from random monsters and each other? Is there an exposition for this or is it just “You’re in ‘Heaven’. There’s cults and sh*t. Go.”

Seriously, was any of this mentioned at some point and did I just miss it or forget?

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Story of The Heavens will be told with implementing Quests. Unfortunately, can’t tell you when we will see them. Still,
I can make a short tell:

Once, there was the City. It was ruled by ever young 12 year old Price. The City is torn apart by 6 gods, who created their own cults. Each cult had it’s own part of the City and was fighting each other to control the part.

All citizens were mortal, but each time they died – they reincarnated again in the body of 16 year old human without cult. He or she could decide which cult to join, and where to develop even to a state of General, almost loosing everything that is connected with human being.

After completing all deeds in the City, each human (or even already not human) could decide to travel to the world of The Heavens. Here, all who decided to travel became immortal beings with only one purpose – guard and grow the Tree, which is the source and the essence of Guardian’s power.

You can read more in wikipedia about religions of Mesopotamia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mesopotamia

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