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Hello, I know that Kamikaze prioritise walls over any other constructions but recently my Kamikaze would still try to target a wall even though it is on the other side of the map instead of targeting the closest construction i.e. defence turrets

Is anyone having the same problem?x

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Working as intended , They will destroy all walls first, then go onto other targets.
Whereas starlinators will target defences, then Income buildings then finally war buildings.

When a unit has a priority target , it will target them solely until all are destroyed :)

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But previously my kamikazes were able to target turrets first as long as walls were not close to distract it, now my kamikazes would walk right round to the other side of the map just to hit a wall. May you explain this please?

Thank you x

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I think that they used to be a little buggy , as a lot of units were .
Perhaps one of the recent patches they managed to fix the unit targeting mechanic so they seek out all of their priority targets, I’m not really sure.

But I think you’ll find that due to the priority target being walls, they’ll now seek them out til there is none left :)

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Dachende, I understand where you are coming from but if you look at the galaxy life wiki (http://galaxylife.wikia.com/wiki/Kamikaze) the 4th bullet point, “If you can drop them right next to a bunker and there are no walls around to distract it, this is pretty much the perfect counter to attack a bunker”

But you’re right it also says “These guys prioritize walls over anything else”

There is a conflict of goals in its targeting system, would you happen to know how I can get a galaxy life staff opinion on this? x

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I think they shoud make em go on bunkers first i mean they are realy the only unit that can hit a col filled bunker without those cols coming out