[WarFlow] December 5th Improvements --Digging Ranking

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Events on:

1.Digging Event: 30% off for penetrating; double the rate of digging up Sacred Jewel; Digging Ranking
2.Totem upgrade successful rate refresh 50% off
3.Magic rate 80%~100%
4.Forge mode 30% off
5.RP*2 by attacking players
6.Receive Gold Box 5/10 hours online, receive collectors’ box 6/12 hours online
Time Duration: Dec 5 Maintenance to Dec 12 Maintenance

Digging Event

1.Double the rate of digging up/penetrating Sacred Jewel.

2.30% off for penetrating

3.Digging Ranking:

When the number of times of daily digging/penetrating or total digging/penetrating reaches a certain number, the players will be given extra rewards.

Besides, players can get 1 point for each digging/penetrating. In the end of the event, the top 30 players with highest points will be given wonderful rewards.

1)Rewards for Daily Digging/Penetrating:(Reset at 05:00 everyday)

2)Rewards for Total Digging/Penetrating:

3)Ranking Rewards:(Points stop counting at Dec 12, 00:00 PST)

4)Total Points of Top 50 Accumulation Rewards:
Condition: Total points of Top 50 players reach 8000; Top 50 players can have another set of rewards. And all the players will be given a 4-letter code with 1,000,000 Silvers. Rewards will be manually delivered by GM within 2 days.


A.Total points of top 50 players of every group will be posted at forum at 01:00 every day.

B.Only players above LV100 can participate in the Digging Event

Events off:

1.Arena Events
A.Arena Challenge Chances 30% off
B.Arena Reset
C.New Arena Winning Streak Rewards
D.Arena Challenge Ranking
2.Daily Quest Discount
3.Textile Discount
4.Mine War silver productivity*3; Mine silver productivity*5

Enjoy the events and thanks for your support!

WarFlow Team


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Dear players,

Total points of top 50 players:

D1: Dec 6th, 00:40 PST
687 points

D2: Dec 7th, 00:40 PST
2331 points

D4: Dec 9th, 17:40 PST
4080 points

D6: Dec 11, 19:00 PST
5488 Points