[Clash of the Dragons] This game is getting a little rich for my blood

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You know I am more than willling to spend on a game. in fact I spent 100 dollars last week looking for Turia or however its spelled (I now have 10 lenas that I cant trade or do anything with now though,woohoo) Now Its 30 bucks a match to even try for the next new Legendary card?

I mean if I had at least known this was comign I could have saved the few packs like this I got from all those chests i bought. However its not like this is a one time thing, Its becoming common that things are VERY costly if you want to get the really cool stuff. If I feel this way I can only imagine how the free players must feel. I understand the need for profit. However this is just starting to go to far. Since we cant trade cards all these extra epics I have just rot and are wasted money as it is. In closing you guys either need to tone back these prices or introduce the trading of epics and legends. Or at the very least introduce the ability to do random return on them in crafting. Like 3 for 1 epics and 2 for one legends.

Sadly I do not think ill be doing this Friday night only because I just cant afford it after spending so much on all the other things that where “this week only” Its a slap in the face that I spent so much on “this month only” 100 kred Among the dead packs to now see 100 Kred epic plus ones up.

I am one step from walking away from a game I dearly love since I find it VERY unlikely that anything would be given to me to make all the money spent feel worth it (even my credit card pays me back if I get “sale whammed” and feel over charged) I would love to hear CONSTRUCTIVE feedback on this.
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well posting on the cotd forums might get you a little more support since facebooks users of cotd dont come to this game

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Agree with both posts above, the official forums will give you far more support

Me, as a free player, don’t let myself be bothered by this, whales gotta whale, overpriced? Yes it is, stupidly luck-reliant? Yes it is, really necessary to enjoy the game? No, not really