[WarMetal Tyrant] [to devs] I have some conquest suggestions

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I have given conquest quite some thought and have tried to find solutions to some of the problems I see.

Problems: There is a large portion of the map being controlled by a few factions that don’t fight with each other and thus control a huge portion of the map

All the suggestions I have seen so far ( bigger map, reset, tile cap etc.) don’t really work if there are a bunch of Factions willing to form an alliance and so do not really change the problem conquest has at the moment.

So I came up with an idea that I think will make the conquest map more competitive

My suggestions are this: Add CP points to each tile with the tiles in the middle having higher CP points, make the tokens dependent on the amount of CP points a faction has, (so far not my ideas but existing ones) now my ideas: Make Tiles lose Health the longer a faction controls them AND make them lose more health the more CP points a faction has! This would mean for example a faction that controls enough tiles to lets say have 100 cp points would lose 3 health a day on every tile, a faction with only 10 cp would lose 1 health per day. This would keep factions from staying in one place for too long and even if they try to do tile swapping there is no way you can do this with 20+ tiles constantly without being at least a bit vulnerable. or it could be not linear but exponential: so losing more health the longer controlled

of course I see that this needs more thought, as you have to find a balance how much life per day is acceptable without making it impossible to maintain a high cp point range.

I think this change would give more factions the possibility to gain conquest tiles and force the highend factions to actually move around instead of just tile swapping.

This is an idea I had and I would appreciate feedback


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-1 Horrible idea, rather, do the opposite to make this realistic. A base in real life would be better fortified as time goes on. Then reset the map every now and then to prevent people from getting holed up.

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well realism wasnt really the idea here you know and btw poison tile… the longer you stay there…