[WarMetal Tyrant] Merging two Imperial decks... Help?

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I had this really trustworthy deck, which I stopped changing for quite a long while since I made it. Then, when the win rates started decreasing over time (and over bigger missions, raids, and arena ranks) I checked my cards and found I had some really good ones I never got the opportunity of using! And since I never used them, and they suddenly caught my attention, I couldn’t separately check each and every card and how it influences the win rate or something.

And so, I came to the conclusion to ask from the wise people loitering around in the forums :P though I believe it may garner the attention of trolls as well, please be serious, and thanks in advance!

Old Deck (Still trustworthy and going well):

New Deck (Composed of random 10 card I found impressive in the long run):

PS: No bloodthirsty or xeno cards? I have a… separate deck for them… maniacal grin

- Addictorator – (For the sake of labeling my post in a cool fashionat the endnotes even though I know you can see my name when you look at the poster name next to the post :P)

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marmoda really sucks as do stormrunner and rumbler and the cannon walker imp clone. Take em out.

Use Iron Maiden (if you have it), hydra, aegis and Poseidon in the “New Deck” so that it basically becomes a strike deck.

Also, do you have to use freddie? why not stavros?

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With aegis, posiden, mech aid, you dont need freddie. He may help here and there, but you can get better benefit from another card.
Marmoda, Storm Runner, Rumbler suck. I like soot launcher in general, but prob not that great these days (except maybe the disease)

If you go towards a strike deck, may as well go all the way and add hades, tremor wyrm, ayrkrane, rifter, pathfinder….any of them will work. And rapier and IM are good for that kind of deck as well.

For siege I would generally use split jaw, which you probably dont have yet, so, hydra is prob next best. Thats where stravos comes in, or maybe korvald.

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Can you please post a link to your cardpool. If you don’t know how, search Tyrant Fansite and just connect using your Facebook/Kongregate Account. They make it so everybody can see your card pool. I’d be happy to try and help you improve on your deck. Just watch out for jerks like Provokes or Zys123, they don’t like people asking for help.

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@PierceR1: http://tyrant.40in.net/kg/profile.php?b=cards&amp;sid=0d55855CeAk9 <—- there’s the cardpool. Jerks are always in forums, I usually just don’t answer to them if they aren’t taking stuff seriously. If you meet a flamer, don’t get attracted to it like a moth, and don’t feed the flames. With those ideals, I found that forums are aggravating only if you make it out to be so :D

@ladolcevita: I don’t have Iron Maiden… yet. I’ll have it by the end of the week I guess. I don’t have stavros either lol. I kind of like freddie because the deck is like a tank hp deck, but yeah, I’ll think about replacing good old Freddie and letting him retire after a long career :D For strike decks, when I need one specifically I make it from tremor wyrm, sabres, even brood walkers, and stuff. I don’t have a set strike deck at hand though. I’m renovating the old deck with cards from the new deck, it’s the other way around lol. Yeah, okay, no Marmoda, Stormrunner, Rumbler, and… what’s the Cannon Walker imp clone? I don’t see anything resembling cannon walker, meh… And I’ll keep Poseidon, Hydra, and Aegis. Err… what card from my old deck should I take out to replace with Iron Maiden? Oh, and what about Revolutionary, Myrmidon, Rapier, and Soot Tank? Should I put them into the old deck, what should I take out instead? Seriously, thanks for the effort!

@FieryPhoenix: I created my first deck not with strike in mind, but in thought that it would be a resilient tank deck. I only have one Tremor Wyrm, and it’s on my Xeno/Bloodthirsty deck which I think is quite close to perfect (but of course nothing is invincible.) I would move it when I make a deck set for a specific purpose in mind such as some really hard mission, because this deck and my X/B deck was generally overwhelming. As you can notice, I used very high hp cards, few exceptions are either armored or have very good skills. Oh, sorry. Correction is it’s not my ‘New Deck’, just random cards I found from my card pool collected together as a ‘deck’ only for visual purposes. It’s not a real deck, I just found that showing the cards were easier than listing them all separately. Don’t have Hades, hated tournies in general except standard. Guessed correctly, don’t have split jaw.

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For some reason I can’t access the link to your cardpool but I’ll give advice anyway.
Cannon Walker clone is soot launcher: both 1 wait 1 atk, antiair and siege. Not greatly useful now IMO, but it could be.
If you can, get Titan, it’s really useful now after buffs.
That’s all I can say for now because I’m really tired. Good luck building your deck!

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this is roughly the deck i would recommend for you in PVP:

The command center, is usually laid when you are facing fear decks, and i feel guilty for screw your raider deck. myrmiddon might be replaced, by an fortifier since i barely see this card in practice and maybe it looks better then it actually is. Also Nimbus might get replaced by omega them.

For missions, and especially RAIDS better design a specific decks against them, since you are just wasting energie that way. There is no ultimative deck, which works find against everything.

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@nookknock: Ah, so it’s abilities were similar… Thanks! I only took in mind that it had disease. If it’s paired up next to gun raven, or alongside sabre, and the enemy card is prevented from healing, it does more than 1 atk by preventing the enemy from healing that 1 atk many times over. Disease is sometimes underplayed, but it is very strong against a heal tank deck. (like mine) Imagine Sabre. You attack it for 3 damage, it has mech aid next to it and returns back to full health. But with disease, the mark would remain. Even if smog tank dies, it leaves it’s mark on the effected card. Like Necrogeddon, now that’s a badass card with swipe and disease. Too bad I don’t have it. It may not be as good as some legendaries, but I can think of quite a few uses for it. Well, to be more accurate, I don’t have it… yet. Like Iron Maiden, or more like while I’m trying to reach Iron Maiden, I’ll be able to buy Homeworld packs along the way. Yay, wish me luck that I get old Necro!
PS Edit: Oh, about the cardpool, sorry, I seem to have made a mistake with the link, I’m checking and editing it now, it should be okay then.

@CrazyEye23: The reason I stuck with my deck for this long was that it was basically an infallible allrounder most of the time. I agree no deck is invincible, it is quite like a childish game; rock, paper, scissors. Rock can beat scissors, but scissors can beat paper, which somehow can beat rock. But it’s not really like that, you may not be able to have deck that would win all the time, but with the right cards, it CAN come very close. Hmm… that’s an augmented strike deck isn’t it? That’s a very nice suggestion :D I’ll have to definitely jot it down in my notes of Tyrant noteworthy decks! (Er… Haha, it’s not like I’m so obsessed I take notes on Tyrant strategies… No way… right?)

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i am quite sure that the strike deck works, well in most of the missions too – i expect also better then yours. At least i believe i made lot of the mission with a strike deck, and with the stronger sabre and hydra that option should be even stronger. Especially sicne i agree with ladolcevita that marmoda, stromrunner and rumbler are bad cards and freddy isn’t a good commander.

But about raids, don’t do it with an allround deck*, they are always a race. So better deck give you a higher winrate and even more points per fight, which overall let you do more damage and gives you more honour and beacons.

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Lol, if you saw what I said earlier on, I already DID agree that Marmoda, Stormrunner, and Rumbler were not the best cards. And if you read further on, you would also have seen that I said the second ‘New Deck’ is not a deck at all, just some cards I found in my card pool I thought would be good.

As a strike deck, your suggestion was very good (by the way, when did I say your strike deck did NOT work?), but my competitive spirit and pride would not let me agree yours was necessarily better. Are we both talking about the old deck or the new deck? I was mentioning the old one. And it’s not a strike deck, they all have high hp and heal so they don’t get themselves killed by pierce with meager 4 hp (hydra), or get killed with 4 hp without pierce anyway (sabre) And freddie ensured they always last long, with support or not.

Oh, and I don’t recall ladolcevita saying Freddie ’isn’t a good commander’. He/She said ‘why not stavros?’, which I answered saying I don’t have that specific card yet. I don’t know how and why it implies freddie was bad, it just meant there was a better commander.

I’m not much of a raid fan, but thanks for telling me that! I don’t usually do raids, so I don’t know much of how it works…

PS: And just saying. Evaluate deck says I had a 62% winrate against your one :D SO logically mine was better CrazyEye :P