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Hey everyone, hope you are enjoying the game!

Come check out our forums if you need any help, want to leave some feedback or just to interact with other users, at http://forums.crowdstar.com !

If you require any support, or have an issue in game, please contact http://support.crowdstar.com and submit a ticket! Select ‘Wasteland Empires on Kongregate’ from the drop down list!

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For a direct link to the forum, follow this!→http://forums.crowdstar.com/viewforum.php?f=202

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Why would we want to join your forums, specifically, when there’s a perfectly good one here for all matters game related?

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Hi Don,

there is a lot of information from the game based on our own forums. I have no issues coming here and addressing users as well though, its just its another source of information for everyone :)


Wasteland Empires Community Manager