[Legacy of Heroes] Patch Notes: December 6, 2012 (locked)

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Scheduled Maintenance

Weekly Sale

  • Two new pieces of equipment have been added: Johnny Tinker’s Gauntlets and Johnny Tinker’s Leg Armor.
  • Martial and Tactical Packs!
  • Each pack will contain only Martial or Tactical cards from all sets.
  • Loot based off Prestige Packs for half the price.
  • Each pack has its own guaranteed craft for an exclusive new Epic card.
  • Martial Drafting
    • Tuesday
    • 18:00 to 22:00 server
    • 10am to 2pm PST
  • Tactical Drafting
    • Wednesday
    • 22:00 to 2:00 server
    • 2pm to 6pm PST


  • MEGABRAWL: Ms. Modulus
  • We need everyones help to save Young Zeroth from the capture of Ms. Modulus and her great powers.
  • 3 unique cards available from the brawl.
  • Battle Modifications
    • 4/4
    • Epic
    • Discard your hand. If you discarded one card recover 2 Allies.
    • If you discarded 2 cards, whenever you play an Ally it deals +1, and if you would gain shield, gain +1 shield.
  • Rain of Destruction
    • 5/3
    • Legendary
    • Your opponent depletes a Memento.
    • Survivor 10: Deal +1 damage for each copy of Rain of Destruction in your deck.
    • Survivor 15: Shuffle 3 copies of Rain of Destruction into your deck.
    • Survivor 20: Deal +1 damage for each copy of Rain of Destruction in your depletion pile.
  • One other you’ll have to see for yourself.
  • We will also now be giving out a title for anyone over 25,000 points meaning Gota will retroactively receive the “Dimensional” title for his conquering of Schism.
  • For more information on the rewards go here: * http://www.lohgame.com/images/modulus.jpg
  • New EFL Rules for this week.
    • Only 1 Legendary allowed
    • Only 4 Epics allowed
    • Only 20 Rares allowed
    • No Allies allowed
    • 35 card deck size

Bug Fixes

  • Codename: Soldier’s recover effect will now always trigger properly.
  • Night Music will no longer trigger retribution damage.
  • Fixed error in the buff text for Leveled Playing Field

Known Issues

  • Titles can cause small display issues with player’s name being too long.
  • Banish pile cards sometimes do not appear. Clicking on the pile will still show the popup.
  • Equipment buffs lasting visually a turn longer than they are supposed to.
  • The card “Up and At’em” is not displaying its buff in the buff window.
  • “Do as I Do” buff will not visually show up in buff list for your team.
  • Cards with buffs restricted by discard do not show buffs in the buff window.