[Crazy Fairies] Full Screen Bug?? it has last 2 days

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few days ago,everything are ok.
But,from last night,when I use alt+f go to full screen mode,some thing was wrong.

Thinkpad x60s 12"
Windows XP sp3
firefox 17.01 with unity web player

Firstly,when enter full screen,the whole interface will not stay in center of screen.
Then,I can span the whole interface use mouse left/right/up/down. This will bring some trouble when aiming.

The biggest problem is : when I start playing and the screen changed for turn alternate, the item/aim/power/info panel at bottom will become very mess, the screen displayed last time will not disappeared, so, many icon/info/bar overlay and overlay.

I changed my desktop resolution, restart the firefox, reinstall the unity web player, close other program, but helpless.

Anyone has this same problem?How to define the unity game’s resolution?

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Sorry about that !!
It seems that something changed on our Friday upload last week.
We’ll poke the programmer with a stick until he fixes it for our next patch :)