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Hi, and welcome to the FAQ for Wasteland Empires! This will go through a few of the more common requests or questions we experience, and hopefully save someone a bit of time somewhere

What is the Well?
The Well is the life source of your colony. Without it, your people won’t be able to survive. It is the most important part of your colony and you need to protect it from others. Build your colony around the Well and attract more people to help you defend it. The well also increases your Water Provisions which is 1 of the 3 requirements for attracting people to your colony and increasing your max population. The more water you can produce, the more people you can support. Discover ways to upgrade your well in order to produce water more efficiently and increase the maximum population your colony can support.

How do you increase population?
Increase your provisions in order to increase the maximum population your colony can support. The 3 provisions in Wasteland Empires are Food, Water, and Shelter.
Farms provide food for the colony and can be built from the store.
Houses provide shelter from the rough weather the Wasteland brings.
Water is provided by your well and in the most important of the 3 provisions. Build and upgrade these buildings in order to increase your Max Population.

What are idle colonists?
The Grey Icon on the right of the screen shows the number of idle colonists you currently have. You can use your population to help protect and expand your colony. Colonists can scavenge the rubble around the colony to find resources and parts, construct or upgrade buildings, and they can be trained into army units to attack other colonies in the wasteland. The number of colonists you can use is dependent on your max population. The number of idle colonist you have is dependent on how many colonists you are currently not using. Maximize your efficiency by using your colonists at all times.

How do you gain resources?
There are multiple ways to gain resources in Wasteland Empires.
The easiest way is to assign your colonists to scavenge the different pieces of Rubble surrounding your colony. Scavenging Rubble not only gives you a chance of finding resources and tech books but, also clears space for you to build.
Research the Refineries tech in order to construct these buildings within your colony. Refineries harvest resources over time but are limited to the number of resources it can hold. Check your Colony periodically to maximize the amount of resources you harvest.
The fastest way to gain resources is to attack other colonies. When you attack another colony you obtain resources from their refineries, storages, and other colonies. Train units and find the best strategies to attack other colonies and gain as much resources from them as you can.

How do you train units?
1. Go to the Barracks/Garrison. Click it, and select ‘Train’.
2. Check which Tier level you are currently training in. Lower tiered units have lower statistics, but are cheaper.Higher tiered units have higher statistics but cost more.
3. Add the amount of units you want to have of each type. They will queue in a section at the bottom. You can add as many as you like (or can afford!) to this queue, of up to 4 types.
4. You must select ‘Train’ to train them. From here, you can also speed it up for a little bit of gold so you have your units straight away.
5. They will then train, and be part of your army!

How do you attack?
1. First you have to click on the map button in the lower right hand corner of your screen.
2. Click on the raider/player icon you want to attack and click ‘Attack’.
3. Once the enemy camp loads, click the ‘+’ button at the top left corner of your screen. This will add army units to your squads. Depending on what level your Barracks is, you can have multiple squads. Each squad consists of 10 units, and they can be of different types and classes. TIP: You can add 10 at once by using the ‘Max’ button.
4. Once you have added your fighters, a circle will appear. This is your Deployment circle. When the circle turns white, you can place your fighters onto the enemy map. If it appears red, you will not be able to place them down.
5. Once you placed your units, select the building(s) that you wish for them to attack and the battle will take place!
6. You can control your units. They can retreat if you want, go to locations, and target specific buildings.

What is the Tech Tree?
The Tech Tree is a graphical interpretation of what you have researched, and what you have not researched so far in your Town Hall. It shows the requirements for each new upgrade as well.

How come it says that I do not have the right tech when i want to start researching something in my tech tree?
You will need to either make a specific building, or make a specific research in order to continue here.

How do I get Car Batteries?
By asking friends to join the game, or by buying the batteries with in game Gold.

What tier can I research to?
Currently you can build your Town Hall and buildings to level 10, and Advanced Power past this.

What chapter does the story run till?
It currently runs till Chapter 21 at the moment, but with much more to come!

Why is there nobody to attack?
Raiders respawn every 72 hours or so, and the higher you go in levels, the more people you will be able to attack.

It should I have 3/3 (or varient of) Refineries, yet I only have one of each type. What is wrong?
You are seeing this correctly. You can only build 3 refinery buildings total, not 3 of each type. So if you have one of each building, then you have built all you can build for now.

How do I request Gifts to my Wishlist?
In your bar at the bottom, there is the list of neighbours that have requests for items to be Gifted by you. To do this for yourself, when you see an image of the item you need, you can select ‘Paper with Green Plus’ symbol to add this to your Wishlist.

I am having an issue Loading the game. What can I do?
This issue usually can be fixed by refreshing your browser’s and flash player’s cached files. Here’s how it’s done:

Internet Explorer
- Tools.
- Internet Options.
- Delete Browsing History.
- Restart Internet Explorer.

- Tools.
- Clear Recent History.
- Restart Firefox.

Google Chrome
- Click on the wrench in the upper right hand corner.
- Choose options.
- Choose Clear browsing data.
- Restart Chrome.

- Go to http://www.macromedia.com/support/docum … ger07.html
- Select cdn.empiresofthewasteland.com from the list
- Click ‘Delete Website’

How do I turn off the sound?
It’s at the top right of your screen. Theres an option for music and for sounds.
The notes and the bullhorn are what you want; one toggles music and the other the sound effect. The third icon toggles fullscreen.

Can I make a clan?
Of course, anyone can make a clan! The one requirement is a Town Hall at Tier 4. Play through the story and it will help you level up your base, and you’ll be there in no time!

Can I reset my account?
We will not just reset accounts. We only want to reset users that are having major issues in game, and this will be a very rare

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How can I add friends?

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Hi Marinem

we are working on that issue at the moment. Thanks!


Wasteland Empires Community Manager

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There’s a glut of noobs the past day or two asking how to add neighbors. That’s worth adding to this FAQ.

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1. First select a player and add him as a Kongregate friend. You can do so by clicking at a player’s name in the chat and then pressing “Add Friend”
2. Once a player is your Kongregate friend, you can click on the Radio Station and the blue button “Messages”. Go to the “Friends” tab on the left and it should load you a screen showing both neighbours on the top and friends under it. On the Friends list you can now click to a friend and “Invite Friends”.
3. Wait for the players to accept your friend request. Each accepted player becomes your neighbour. By doing so both players gain a battery and the ability to send gifts at each other from their wish-list.

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I find the noobs really funny… no one will ever be capable of posting here, ALL their issues. Some don’t even differentiate between a storehouse and a refinery. I mean, you can’t answer all the questions that they have about a type of game which has been around for what now? 10 years? (Which is also a simple one). You could try and be suportive, in order to get more and more players, but I am not even sure that they know about the forum button.

As a tip, in order for as many new players to be taken care of with their questions, this forum should be first organized properly, then try and get them here… This seems like a good solution cause they won’t have to sign in somewhere else.

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Hi Cevaul.

I don’t understand your concern… do you feel that we (Crowdstar) are not being supportive enough?

We love to get feedback so how would you change the forum setup?

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Hello James,

1. A certain amount of topics opened here are already solved/closed/no longer an issue/fixed.. etc. Remove those?
2. Some of the other posts are co-related, they interlink, can be confusing… Make it so the non-important topics, that are created by a user, get annexed to the major ones always visible on the first page.
3. I DO NOT feel that you are not being supportive enough. On the contrary. However, I do feel that no team of moderators/CMs/posters will, or should be made to… be able to keep up with all the random questions that pop up, concerning the same subject, in various areas of this forum… that’s all I was trying to say.

Thank you.

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Can’t request friends to help move the car in my colony

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Can you be more specific as to exactly what you’re doing and what happens?

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how do i level my guild after clan points are capped?

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During the clan battle, does the amount of plasteel i extract has effect on spoils of war?

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when I get kongregate friends, they don’t show up in the friends list in the radio station

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I have the same problem. I have no neighbors and therefore can’t complete some of the building upgrades.

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Originally posted by HAKATEM:

how do i level my guild after clan points are capped?

You won’t earn personal “clan points” until your clan levels up, but the clan will earn points (and, thus, level up) from your activities. Then you will start earning personal “clan points” again.

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How do you level your clan up?

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cant accept gifts it takes me to kongergate web page to select a game

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I have destroyed all the buildings in “Devils Den” in chapter 3 but the Site won’t dissappear and i cant progress….can anybody help me?

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Make sure you have taken out everything all walls too. sometimes 1 wall section can be hidden behind a building and you need to find it and destroy it to end it. :)

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Hi AerieLuminati and Nerd500. As I replied to you earlier you need to complete the quest of building the 10 proto fire flies, then the map will disappear

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where to buy power station???

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Explain why you would like to buy a power station? If we can understand the reason we will be able to give you a relevant and helpful answer. Thanks for the question.