[Wasteland Empires] How to Submit a Ticket to the Crowdstar Support Site

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Are you having game play trouble or issues with an aspect of the game? Don’t know what to do?

Submit a ticket with the Support Site!

This simple, beginner’s guide will help you to understand how to submit a ticket for your game related problems.

So let’s begin the Ticket process.

Step One
Go to the support site —> http://support.crowdstar.com/home

Step Two
You will need to login. The login link is indicated by the red arrow in the picture below. (Arrows are not on the support site. They have been added by me to help point out features in the pictures.)

~ If you already have an account, you can login by entering your email address in the box indicated by the red arrow in the picture below and then entering your password in the box indicated by the purple arrow. You then click the "Login"€ button to access your account. This will take you to your account home page. From there you can submit a request (Step Four).

~ If you do not have an account yet, click the link indicated by the green arrow in the picture below. This will take you to Step Three.

Step Three
Signing up for your support site account is easy. As always, if you need help, you can ask questions in the Ask Questions Forum.

The steps listed below correspond with the numbered arrows in the picture below.

1. Enter your FULL name in the box.
2. Enter your email address.
3. Enter your Twitter account if you have one.
4. Select a password for your CrowdStar Support Site Account. Make sure you can remember it easily.
5. Choose an Open ID – Optional. The link “Read More” will explain this is detail.
6. Read the captcha and use the options in needed. (One gives you two different words, and the other is an option for audio.
7. Type the letters/words in the box provided.
8. Click the “Sign Me Up” button to access your new CrowdStar Support Site Account.

Step Four
After logging in or creating your account, you can now submit a ticket.

The steps listed below correspond with the numbered/colored arrows in the picture below.

Click the tab labeled “Submit a Request” which is indicated by a red arrow in the picture below.
1. Click the dropdown menu and select ‘Wasteland Empires’ from the list.
2. Enter your Kongregate ID Number in the box. If you don"t know it, you can click the link here→http://profusiongames.com/kong/KongUserGrabber.html
3. Select the type of issue you are having from the dropdown menu.
4. Type a brief description as your subject line. Example: Move button is not working.
5. In the description box, explain in detail what the issue is that you are experiencing.
6. You can attach screenshots or other documents if you have them, but they are not required. This is optional.
7. Review your ticket to make sure you have entered all the correct information before clicking the submit button. You can reply to your ticket after you"ve opened it and add any additional information, but its best to make sure that its correct before submitting it.

This is what you will see when you click the link indicated by the purple arrow in the picture above. Your Facebook ID will be where the # signs are.

Step Five
After submitting a ticket you can check the status of it by clicking the tab indicated by the green arrow in the picture below.

Please continue to check your email for a response as well. It is very important to check your email for their response because they may have questions or need more information.


The Support Site generally works Monday through Friday, and they are on Pacific Standard Time (US). If you submit a ticket on a Friday, please be patient. You may not hear anything until after the weekend.

Remember to be polite in your description. We do understand that game related issues are frustrating and sometimes disappointing. Making demands or being rude is not a very nice thing to do and does not make you a very pleasant person to deal with. The Support Site will not be rude to you.

The Support Site may ask for more information about your issue. Be prompt when replying so that your issue can be resolved quickly.

Do not reply to your ticket multiple times – unless asked to do so or you are still experiencing an issue. Replying to your ticket everyday will not bump you up on the list. It will only delay the Support Site in helping you.

You can reply to a ticket at any time, even if its been deemed resolved. I would recommend doing this if you are still experiencing the same issue. This will help the Support Site to know that there is still an issue that needs to be addressed.

Sometimes tickets are deemed solved because the issue you have reported is already a known issue. This does not always mean that the issue has been fixed, its just a way for them to see that your ticket has been seen to and noted.

Tickets are responded to in the order they are received.

Keep in mind that we are all players of Wasteland Empires and want to see it running smoothly.

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Evening everyone,

thank you for the feedback with regards to the forums; please note that the above is submit tickets, a system that is pretty streamlined as it is and will ensure you are helped quickly. I check these several times a day and use it to streamline the incoming issues you will experience on Kongregate

As for the forums, I have no problems checking these every day or so and helping and addressing concerns or questions. Note that our forums are at http://forums.crowdstar.com , have a lot of information there already, and players that know the game well.

Obviously the game is still in Beta on Kongregate, and with some effort will have the game working perfectly on Kongregate.

I thank you for your time, and will be pleased to address any responses.


Wasteland Empires Community Manager