[The Grinns Tale] Haste Mages should auto-cast

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I have an idea! Instead of continuously switching around the target for a haste mage’s spell, have them auto cast on each character, similar to a berserker. It could be done randomly, but that may frustrate people. Or they may love it. Who knows. Nothing beats a good gamble.

Leave the manual targeting in the game in case the players decided to build certain strategies off which character is hasted first, but allow an auto-cast option. Doing quick dungeon runs to build experience for new heroes or ruby farming is slow and tedious when the haste mage needs to be redirected every 7 seconds.

Great game! Grinns for the winns! : )

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what.. in the world are u talking about… mages hit all targets equally.. just set the mage to hit the target u think will die last and you won’t have to keep making it retarget. There’s nowhere u can even put the "random"ness because it hits everything equally lol. or by haste mage do u actually mean a cleric instead of a hasted mage? because that doesnt make much sense either when u’re saying that u’re doing quick dungeon runs (clerics + quick = fail)

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I think he meant cleric. And is it so much of a hassle? The game shouldn’t be too easy.