[Critter Forge] Dec 2012 Maxed price guide

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*T1*’s are very common and easy to find, prices vary on high demand

Bird – 50k-75k (Lucky)
Wolf – ~100k (Ogrish)
Moth – 50-100k (Ephemeral)
Lizard – 5k (Reasonable)
Fish – 5k (Precocious)

*T2*’s are not always on auction, which raises prices from time to time

Raptor – 25-50k (Holy)
Toad – 100-200k (Fertile)
Owlbear – 20k (Wrestler)
Spider – 50k (Venemous)
Crustacean – 50-100K (Hexer)

*t3*’s are rarely on auction and people reserve money to buy them, tank conjurer and dispeller are needed in most builds, making them a guaranteed sale.

Mammoth – 300-400K (Tank)
Hornet – 150-250k (Accurate)
Walrus – 100-250k (Resilient)
Steed – 75k (Healer)
Calamari – 400K (Conjurer)
Crocodile – 300-400k (Dispeler)

t4 take a while to max and are very looked after by players with funds. You’ll see people advertising when they need them.

Dragon – 1.25M (Longlived)
Tortoise – 800k (Sturdy)
Lion – 800k (Optimist)
Hydra – 800k (Resourceful)
Mantis – 800k (Agile)
Gorilla – 800K (Bruiser)

Any – 7 million, but you might have to refund alot since the splicers aren’t that gamebreaking. Usually people buy them from Synd mates or known friends to guarantee refunds. Very hard to buy or sell for that matter

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lol 200k for a max crust? that’s way off. Along with 15k for a lizard.

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Edited as suggested the 200k was a big spike in auction that day, decided to ignore it and list 50-100k as the appropriate value

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hydra 900K gorilla 900K 150K for steed 75K for raptor and 1 Mill for dragon (1.25 is only if one is desperate)