[Vorp!] [Ship Concept] Company Of Warriors

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C ompany O f W arriros flying Saucer

Pilot Profile: A group of little green men fly this ship.

Description: Looks like traditional circle flying saucer.
Speed: Average
Maneuvering: High
Energy: low average

Passive: see * Inertial-less Drive*


Blaster Beam Q
An auto targeting multi targeting energy beam. Same concept as the venture, but more powerful overall.
-Range: medium
-Continuous fire. An extra energy beam activates every 2 seconds. Max beams 2 per level. Targeting will aim for a new target before hitting the same ship more than once. Individual beam damage decrease with each new beam coming online. -10/8/6% (by level) each beam. ie 5 beams doing -50% damage each.

Probe W
An invasive probe that disrupts the target.
Where’re you putting that thing? OWW
-Target stunned for 0.5 seconds
-Disruptions causes energy costs & cooldowns increased by 10/20/30%
-Implants a tracking marker as well. Target shows on mini map to all ships.
-Duration: 5/7/10 seconds for disruption and double that for implant.

Tractor Beam E
A narrow long range beam that pulls things towards the ship.

Inertial-less Drive R Passive
Gives the ship unparalleled maneuvering.
-has level 0 effect.
-By level 3 will have the following: Full speed reverse. If not thrusting full stop. No drifting. If not moving can’t be bumped & immobile. Instant max speed. Press R for reverse boost.

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That is uncanny. I had almost this exact same idea a week ago but didn’t post it. You have almost the exact same four loadouts that I came up with too. I was going to make it one classic gray alien pilot though and the probe was going to be a “betrayer probe” that attaches to a ship and fires at it’s allies. When it’s not firing, because no allies near, it drills deeper into the host ship damaging it more. Also granting vision of the host.

Rather than the perfect menouvering loadout, you could simply make greatest but maybe not perfect maneuverability one of it’s inherent features and the fourth loadout could be a disruptor field that resets charges and cooldowns on enemy ships and stuns turrets or drones. This last one panders to the UFO lore about disrupting electronics.

Naturally I like your idea

I don’t know about the 5 beam mechanism, however. It is funny and makes sense with your multiple alien crew and it does make it different enough from the SS Venture, but I doubt players would like having their firepower divided when they chase a heavily damaged player into a field of drones. I am also against more auto locking weapons in general, which was the main reason I postponed my idea until I could think of a better primary attack.

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No different then chasing a ship with a Venture and not be able to get a kill cause it shoots someone else.

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I like it. We need a ship like this that doesn’t use momentum for movement. StarControl (grandpappy of this game) had one similar. It did so by teleporting in very short hops (so it looked like it was moving normally until the thruster was turned off.)

Maybe a couple of tweaks to the drive? No passive ability, start with a regular engine like everyone else, make it a slow one. At level 1 you gain the inertia-less drive but you can still get bumped by other players. Level 2 should greatly increase your speed, and let you ignore getting bumped. Level 3 another max speed bump, and allow full reverse thrust (without using the R).