[Ministry of War] What do I do now?

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I joined a server and found out the top guilds of each civilization have decided to stop pvping because if one civilization dominates the map then it leads to rage quitting which causes servers to die out forcing snail games to merge them to keep the population up.

Personally, I remember when this game first came out and I joined the persian empire and my guild leader actually quit to switch to the winning team which was rome. Instead of working with other guilds to retake the land through alliances and dedication, he leaves and joins the winning team encouraging the others to join him on a new Roman guild.

So I can see what my current guild I was talking about in the top paragraph was getting at. Some of the guild members mentioned experiencing servers dying out over 5 times and decided that they couldn’t conquer contested zones. They gave a contested zone to the egypt who didn’t have any and decided to make peace with china to prevent rage quitting.

If people like my old guild leader leave because they don’t want to win without any work then where does this leave Ministry of War.

My server has decided to stop pvping altogether so with such a huge part of the game down then what does that leave us with? Just get to the empire age and chat with the others? No CZs?

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what server

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This was the babylon server when the top guilds for persia like sassanids gave a free zone to egypt and from what I can tell from the civ chat. They kicked a person out of the guild for plundering china as a persian.