[Dungeon Rampage] Error #2048

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when i try to run the game,
i have this message :

“603: Security error connecting to game server. Check your internet connection or try again later. Error #2048”

It’s strange cause my internet connection is ok :s

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It’s the same when :

-Firewall off
-Antivirus off

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Hi I have the same problem you do not know that can cause this

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you do not know that can cause this
This are not the droids you are looking for.
Heh, grammar :)

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Could someone really help? I’m having the same problem and I want to play as soon as possible!
Please, help us!

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where is my 4 legendary chest all because of the stupid error. it better be fixed, its freaking unpleasant

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yo se por que pasa eso xD