[Odin Quest] Top the Improve Rank for Advanced Enhance Items

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Event Duration:
00:00Dec 11 – 22:59 Dec 17, 2012 Server Time

Event Site:
All servers

Event Details:
Wanna make your equipments more powerful with amazing stats bonus? Refresh them withMoon Crystal in Improve System, you will become more powerful equips withincreased stats. And now it’s the best time for you to refresh!

Duringthe event, players will use necessary items in Improve System to obtain rankpoint by meeting the corresponding requirements. Top 10 players on the rankwill obtain advanced enhance items and packs, with which you will becomestronger. Hurry up to obtain those items now!




1. Playerwho has obtained more than 200 point is available to claim the rewards;
2. Allrewards will be sent via in-game mail, please remember to check and claim.