[Odin Quest] Enjoy the Fine Wine in Churning Winery

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Grand banquet of Gods is holding every night and more and more warriors attend to enjoy the good wines. But Gods are getting greedy and the Chateau owner Reintoff can’t bear it any more and won’t provide any wine for the banquets. He plans destroy the winery to show them he is not be messed with.


Raise the devil in Mysterious Winery of Immie Plateau. Break churning barrels and kill Boss to obtain items and bountiful exp.

Participation Requirement

Level Req.: ≥Lv60Team

Req.: Single

Time: All Day

Chance: Once per day

Portal: Medgate—-Churning Winery

Difficulty Level

There are 3 difficulty levels of Normal, Medium and Advanced in Churning Winery.

Normal: For free

Medium: Spend less Goldleaf to open to get Extra 20% Exp

Advanced: Spend less Goldleaf to open to get Extra 40% Exp

This dungeon can be entered only once per day!

Enter the Churning Winery, talk to NPC Valet-Finian and start the challenge.


After start the challenge, break the barrels or defeat the Boss before they move into the oven, you will obtain bountiful exp.


1. Break Champagne Barrels to obtain more exp than that obtained from breaking Beer Barrels.

2. Place Spike Gear reasonably in the barrel grooves to help you break the barrels.

3. Stay away from Manor Guardian who will attack you and dizzy you.

Use Static Barrier at the right time to spell and freeze the moving barrels and Boss.

Please be remained to use kinds of exp card to obtain more exp.


Spike Gear: It can be placed in the barrel grooves to spear the barrels and gain Exp for you. (4 Spike Gears can be placed at most at the same time. It’s dissipated each time it spears a barrel. You have 2 free Spike Gears, and more Spike Gears can be bought using Goldleaf. Press Esc to cancel after selecting a Spike Gear.

Static Barrier: It is the special skill in this dungeon and once used by Loki. In the next 10 sec after it’s released, cursed targets will not be able to move. CD: 60 sec. It can be used 3 times for free.

Hurry up to mess the dungeon up to obtain bountiful exp!