[Galaxy Life] Galaxy Life version 0.70.9 Release Notes

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NEW GAME UPDATE! The Doomsday is almost here, and the Gods have been really busy tweaking the last changes. Earthlings, are you ready?


  • New Doomsday themed main planet background animation.
  • New Doomsday themed main loading screen.
  • Doomsday content and features locked until the countdown is over.

The Doomsday event will start this 12/12/12!

  • Improved version of the waves system shown in the Halloween event.
  • 4 new enemies : Thunder Golem, Rock Golem, Fire Golem, Tornado Golem.
  • New weapons to stop these Golems (to be announced).
  • A new reward for the end of the event (to be announced).
  • Internal and minor additions and tweaks.


  • Now when a frozen unit is killed its animation is shown at its normal rate.
  • Resources stolen are painted at the same time
  • Incorrect notification was displayed after using “Trade in” option of “Blue trap/Fly Trap”.
  • Zero cash was displayed when trying to place “Blue trap/Fly Trap” during lack of workers and resources.
  • Several internal and minor fixes.
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1. Did the traps get buffed?
2. Can you place them in the rubble of your buildings?

Both because my units are being killed w/ no apparent cause now during an attack.