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Howdy folks! Let me bring you

Complete Ultimate Supah Dupah Guide to Battles in Senatry

by Rhieks

Table of contents:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Appennines
  3. Macedon
  4. Gaul
  5. Germany
  6. Egypt
  7. Carthage
  8. Numidia
  9. Pontus
  10. Armenia

Dammit! it only seems to support 10 links to the posts =((( the 11th I try to insert breaks the whole post.

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11. Parthia
12. Thrace
13. Seleucid
14. Dacia
15. Hints and Tricks

P.S. please provide me some feedback on Assist cards in lower level battles ^^
- – -

Getting Started

You couldn’t help but notice a strange clickable building at the map, eh?

Yeah, this is it. By activating the building, you bring up a battle team interface.

It’s similar to a legions fight, but you will only encounter legions later on, so let me give you a brief explanation.
Some activities involve a team of players instead of 1 player. Players can create their own teams or join others’ ones. At lower levels, default restrictions to who can join is none (ofc you can change that). Starting with Germany/Hispania map, one can only create teams for their own family or league (but there might be an exception to that, because I saw a person under 20 lvl running no restrictions Germany legions. Must have something to do with level or family).

Once you have your team ready and click “Attack”, you will enter a tactical realtime defence minigame. “Defence” term stands for the games where you have incoming waves of enemies trying to reach some key point, and your goal is to prevent them from doing so.

Let’s look at the gaming screen.

First off, you will be displayed a welcome window, which provides a battle background, a class pick up, team information, and a brief explanation on the minigame mechanics.

There are 4 classes available in battles. Class choice is limited in low level battles, only allowing to play a warrior at this stage. All special class skills have a 60 sec cooldown.

1. Warrior
The basic class for battles. Note that any class can fight NPC troops. But the Warrior does it best because of his skills.
This skill increases attack and defence of all allied troops within a 5×5 area *. Lasts 30 sec.
The defensive stance is a self buff, which can only be used while standing still. Lasts until you move. Be sure to come to a complete stop before using it, because the skill will be wasted, and you will have to wait 1 minute to use it again. Obviously, increases your defence.

* The area is
defined like this:

Use area skills carefully while moving, because the buff won’t spread forward until you have completely entered the next square.

2. Scout
This is a quick runner when you need one. If there’s not enough time to fetch something with a warrior, try a scout.
Use this skill to slow your enemies in a 5×5 area. Both you and them moving makes it tricky. Not much of use except some rare cases when you need to outfoot nearby enemies to some spot.
Haste skill increases your own speed for 30 sec. Yes, it’s a self buff. And its the main reason to choose scout when you do.

3. Physician
Or simply healer. A most useful class along with the Warrior. Physicians are capable of restoring allied troops and removing negative effects.
Da Heal! Fully restores troops count of teammates within 5×5 area. Use it when needed, and remember about 60 sec c/d.
Another very useful skill. It is said to remove all negative buffs on player, but never been tested, because NPCs never place those buffs. Instead, if has another precious effect. Every use of this skill reduces the battle penalty (explained below) by 10%. It also works when a player has won some battles, but didn’t start receiving penalty yet, by reducing the win streak. So, keep using it whenever it’s available, and try to cover as many allies as u can.

4. Clergyman
A class designed to debuff enemies. The main bad thing about it: IT’S BROKEN. The skills do nothing. So, basically, it’s a useless piece of crap. Only pick it if you don’t give a damn and like blue color.
Remove all positive buffs from enemies. Could be useful to remove speed buffs from NPCs who would outfoot you otherwise. IF it worked.
A skill that places a negative buff on enemies lowering their offence and defence. Could be put to use if you were a spare hand, like 6th player in Parth. Pfft, doesn’t work anyway.

The Game Info tab lists members of the team. Their color stands for their class. A checkmark (or its absence) stands for their readiness. For the battle to start, all players must hit the ‘Ready’ button.

Once the battle is started, there will be a 8 seconds countdown, then the gates will start spawning NPC waves, which you have to stop from running to the X. Every wave has a delay to let you catch your breath, but can also be speeded up via the speedup button at the timescale.

Each speedup at 10+ seconds brings you extra silver. Below 10 seconds, it gains nothing. Be thoughtful about when you should use speedups. A badly timed one can make you lose NPC and lower the reward.

To move their troops, a player should click the supposed destination square. The buttons in the bottom right corner let you use your special abiliies and rest to recover your troops. Please note that pathfinder doesn’t ‘see’ other players, it’ll just get you stuck. So, you will have to run around your teammates manually and mind your own route in order not to block anyone.

Once a player runs into an NPC troop, a battle occurs. It’s not just flipping a coin, it’s a real little battle of your array against a real (but somewhat weakened) NPC from the corresponding war map with their specific array. You can check it for yourself clicking the battle log in the bottom right corner. The duel goes in rounds, like any regular one. The more rounds it takes, the longer time you will spend fighting the NPC. Unlike regular attacks, your soldiers won’t replenish themselves after the fight.

Moreover, as you gain wins, you will start receiving penalty. After your win streak hits the limit, each succeeding fight lowers your offence and defence by 5%, up to the cap of -60%.

Losing soldiers, you will have to fight next enemies with less troops, and this can eventually lead to dying. Upon death, a player is respawned at their starting position, and has to wait 10 seconds before being able to act.

To prevent dying, there is another skill, common for all classes. It’s resting, also called tenting because of the icon. Upon clicking it, a 20 seconds timer will start. If you stand still without being involved into a fight til the timer runs out, your troops will get fully healed, just like by a physician. You can start tenting anytime with no limitations. But be sure to stop first, because it will cancel immediately because of moving.

Besides gates and NPCs, you can also encounter these objects inside a battle:
1) Treasure Chest

You will encounter these starting with Numidia battle. Each chest collected inside a battle adds a Chip Card to your final reward.

2) Buff Statue
These statues add permanent bonus to your troops defence and offence, once they are activated. To activate one, a player must stand in the adjacent green square for 20 seconds. A timer will appear showing activation progress. Once the statue is taken, it will light up brightly. Statues giving +5% offence are the ones with a sword, and are lit in yellow. +5% defence statues hold a shield and are lit up in cyan.

3) Healing Statue

This one casts heal, similar to physician’s one, upon a 5×5 area, once in 30 seconds. The timer shows how much time is left til next healing.

Possible battle outcomes:

  1. Rank A / S. Clean completion. No NPC passed. All chests taken.
  2. Rank B / C. Some NPC passed = some silver lost, and no Assist Cards for ya. Maybe you ran out of time, too. Alternatively, maybe you missed a treasure chest.

Please note that a battle can’t fail. You get some reward in any case, even if you just sit where you started. It is a relatively new feature, being a workaround for a lag bug when you would kill all npc, but the battle wouldn’t end, and you would run out of time and fail it. BUT, every missed NPC and cooldown still cost you silver, so the reward can be like 10% of what you could get. Also note that the silver reward will not be limited by your storeroom.

Each new battle the same day will cost you a bugle more, up to 5 bugles per battle. It’s your call on what price is affordable. The counter will reset anew at 00:00, like most of other stuff.

Exiting the battle

You can leave the battle anytime. The bugles you spend in total are the following:

  1. Exit before the start — 0, no cost increase.
  2. Exit during battle — 1, no cost increase.
  3. Battle completed — N, where N is your current battle cost. It will also increase in this case, unless you have already hit the 5 bugle cap.

Now, before we get more specific… probably, the whole thing looks familiar to ya. Yea, you might have already fought your very first battle simulation when you just started playing the game. I bet you didn’t even realize what happened. So, lets consider it battle #0 and forget it. Instead, the one described below is going to become your very first REAL battle, with real silver reward, costing real bugles. So —

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Max players: 1
Min players: 1
Classes: Warrior
Estimated reward: ~2000 silver

Max players is battle capacity. Min players is minimum amount for a clean completion (A or S). The reward is also stated for a clean completion.

We all know bugles are precious at low levels. But this one is worth doing at least once as you advance the maps. 2k silver per 1 bugle is a good amount for an Appennines just-clearer.

So, here is the pattern you have to deal with:

The NPC will run either blue or red path, making the crossroads a perfect place to catch them all. The first thing coming to mind is heading to the X and sitting there in defence. But this plan has a flaw. What if you can’t stand the challenge and die in the middle? You will lose a considerable number of NPCs before you will be able to come back from your spawning point.

Is there any other way? Yes, of course. You might have already considered taking the nearest spot to the gate instead. The only thing in question is if you can make it there before any NPC takes red path. According to my tests, the answer is ‘yes’. The first scout always takes blue path, and this fact is enough to get to the crossroads.

Now, just sit back and speed waves up. Each one gives you 50 extra silver if hit at 10+ seconds. Don’t forget to use your combat buff, too. If your troops run low, you might consider resting instead of speeding up. Anyway, if you die, you should now be able to race to the X to catch all the remaining NPC.

Congratulations! You just won your very first real battle!

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Max players: 2
Min players: 1
Classes: Warrior
Estimated reward: ~4300 silver

The battle is designed for 2 players, but is doable with one if he is approximately strong enough to take 3 in Mace legions.

There are two key spots in the battle you could take. Of course, you should aim for the one closer to gates, but there’s a catch this time. NPCs are taking random routes, and the first NPC is very likely to pick the blue one, slipping right before your nose. If this happen, you have no choice but to head back and sit at the second one, closer to the X. Use the cooldowns to keep yourself alive if needed.

In case you are doing it with two players, you both can make it to the gates pretty safe. Some would use the strategy of splitting waves by taking the spots to the south and to the east of the crossroads, so noone would die. BUT what IF someone still dies? The red lane player can go to the X, but the blue lane player will be unable to catch the red lane NPC. Solution is simple: you have to come as close to the gate as you can, and stack one behind each other. When the front player dies, the rear player steps in his place, and the dead one comes again to back him up. Pretty safe.

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Max players: 2
Min players: 1
(but the chance of clean win is not 100%)
Classes: Warrior, Scout
Estimated reward: ~5000 silver

2 players

This is how it should be done. Neat and simple. Both players take warriors and just head to their lanes, and further to the gates along the route. There they sit, buffing each other in turn.
P.S. YES, this is Photoshop! XD

1 player

A tricky task, but a possible one. You must be pretty strong, and have good connect and control.

The key point of the battle is that NPCs come from random gates, but never simultaneously. This allows you to run between lanes and catch them.

Picking a warrior will most likely make you lose 1-2 NPCs (the first most unfortunate situation is Obelix picking one route, and the next Scout picking another). But the buffs make you more durable while running between NPCs (though you won’t be able to def most of the time).
If you are an ass kicker in Gaul, your choice should be a Scout. Only use your buff when you need to get to the other side pretty fast. Also, a little trick of catching NPCs with only an edge of your troops being in the square helps a lot. The purple route is more handy for this technique.
Still pretty tricky. Good luck!

A long run hint:
Since you are already in Gaul, you can clear Greece and get a hero named Galen. His troops are medical. That means he doesn’t fight, but heals your array every round. Be sure to get him and keep up with your level, even if you don’t plan on using him in your main array. This guy is invaluable in battles. Since all NPCs are weak, you only need to heal a small amount of damage each fight, which he does perfect. This allows you to keep full troops til the end of the battle not worrying about any resting or heals. Galen only needs armor and shield, like any support unit. But, to increase his healing effect, you need to upgrade Research tech, give rings to all your heroes, and maybe use S array to increase healing even more.

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Max players: 2
Min players: 2

Classes: Warrior
Estimated reward: ~6000 silver

In Germany, there is no way to handle all NPCs solo. This is why both players should take part in action. Optimal positions are shown above. Spot 2 suits a stronger player, because he will be able to catch any NPCs the weaker one loses in case he dies. This is why the battle should better be hosted by a weaker player.

NPC are coming randomly. This means that you can succeed in resting in the middle of a wave if you spam tent constantly. You can also use any wave c/d to rest, but no silver for speedup then.

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Max players: 3
Min players: 2
Classes: Warrior
Estimated reward: ~6000 silver

The map is quite simple. Player 1 and Player 2 fight all the way through to the gates, and sit there, resting or speeding up if needed. Player 1 has a longer way to go, so its best the stronger player hosts the battle.
Player 3 is designed as a backup force here. He can either hang out at the Xs (2) and clean up any npc passing, or hang out at his spawning point (1) until one of his buds starts losing troops badly, to come to the rescue and take his place at the gates. The dead man becomes a new backup then.

NPCs come out the gates randomly. It may seem similar to Gaul, but you will definitely lose NPCs here when trying to solo. This will happen because the blue lane is much longer, so, eventually, two troops will come to you simultaneously. Anyway, if you have no other choice but to solo the battle, take spot #2 to catch as many NPC as u can.

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Max players: 1
Min players: 1
Classes: Warrior
Estimated reward: ~16000 silver, 1 Assist Card

This is the first battle you want to get to ASAP. Because:

  1. It’s a x1.5 silver increase compared to the previous battle.
  2. It’s solo!
    It’s usually hard to find a team for lower level battles, but this one you can do all alone.

Since it’s solo, it’s also pretty simple. You just battle up to the gates, either use speedups or miss them to help yourself, and get back quick if you happen to die. Be sure to keep to the NPC track! Auto pathfinder won’t lead you the right way.

Wave 1: Scouts
c/d: 30s
Wave 2: Scouts / vanguards
c/d: 20s
Wave 3: Vanguards / Main Force
c/d: 20s
Wave 4: Main Force
c/d: 30s
Wave 5: Hannibal (watch out, he is buffed)

Total enemies: 19

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Max players: 2
Min players: 2
Classes: Warrior, Scout
Estimated reward: 26800 silver, 2 Chip Cards, 1 Assist card

This is another battle you want to get to ASAP. Because of the first Treasure Chests, of course. Chip Cards, yay! More silver too.

So, the battle arena is two mirrored corridors, 2 gates far inside them, 2 gates near the exits. Most of npc (generic ones) appear out of far gates, let’s call them ‘top’ ones. Special named npc appear from bottom gates. It also contains 2 chests, each of which is a chip card, so MUST be looted.

Statues only take time and NPCs passing, and don’t help much, so they are to be ignored.
An interesting fact: Juba, Hiempsal, and Syphax are left out in this battle.

The beginning:
If you have two unequal players, make the weaker one host.
Two warriors will do just nicely. Two healers might do as well… if they were available. Scout value is doubtful here, because you won’t be able to gain any extra speedups anyway.

Players appear in the middle of the field. The leftmost player (joining one) is to grab the near chest, then both of them head to corresponding red crosses: right and left. Leave the central one be for now.

Wave 1: 4 Scouts (I-IV)
- Speed it up at 10+ seconds.
- Get near chest and take your spots, you should get there in time.

c/d: Speed up at once.

Wave 2: 2 Scouts (V-VI), 2 Vanguard (I-II)
- Keep spots.

c/d: DON’T speed up.
- Host aka the right player goes for the far chest right after the last wave 2 NPC.
- Left player, after taking wave 2, makes it quickly to the center spot and takes wave 3.

Wave 3(bottom gates): Oxyntas (right), Micipsa (left), Masinissa (right), Gala (left)

c/d: Speed up after you take the far chest. Be sure to run back quick.

Wave 4: 4 Vanguard (III-VI)
- Left player goes back to the left spot, right player makes it back to the right spot just in time.

c/d: Speed up once it starts ticking

Wave 5: 4 Main force (I-IV)
- Keep spots

c/d: This one is tricky. You CAN speed it up but you must choose a perfect timing, so you can catch Jugu/Gauda right between the generic npcs and come back to the spot. You also will be unable to rest. It’s safer NOT to speed this one up.

Wave 6:

  1. Jugurtha / Gauda (bottom gates)
  2. Main Force V-VI (top gates)

- Head out to catch Jugu/Gauda after you hit the last wave 5 NPC.
- Make it back to the spot ASAP.
- Hit rest.
If you are quick enough, you will have full troops right before Main force V hits you.

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Max players: 2
Min players: 2
Classes: Warrior, Scout, Physician
Estimated reward: 35800 silver, 2 Chip Cards, 2 Assist cards

Pontus battle is alike of Numi one: two chests, one of which needs special attention, symmetrical map, alternate gates for each side. The tricky chest is the one near top gates. It may seem close and easy, but if you head out for it when battle starts, you will lose NPC at the bottom exits. UNLESS you are a Scout. But the challenge is prety tough here, so the scout must be very badass in Pont. If you are not that badass, pick 2 warriors or 2 healers, and go for Plan B.

Important: if you just click on the top chest, you will get stuck. Direct yourself manually in front of the chest, then straight to take it, then again straight out, then to the bottom NPC track.

1st c/d: miss it, won’t bring u any silver, and you might need those 9 sec.

Wave 1: NPC Scouts quickly run by the sides to the bottom exits. You have to get there first.

c/d 30 sec: DON’T SPEED UP unless you have taken the chest already.

Wave 2: Elite NPCs from the central gates. If you didn’t take the top chest with a scout, it’s time for the stronger one of you to battle his way up. You may want to move 2 cells aside in advance, while still fighting the 1st wave, to have a straighter shot at it.

c/d 45 sec: DON’T SPEED UP. Even if it seems you will make it back with 11 sec speedup, you won’t, in 99,9% cases.

Wave 3 NPCs running from the sides.

c/d 45 sec: time to take the statues. The next wave will consist of slow Main Force units. This allows you to take a statue and go back, while still speeding up at 11 sec. Don’t forget to rest while activating the statues.

Wave 4: another bunch of NPC from the sides.

c/d 45 sec: speed up at 11 sec, hit rest after last Wave 4 NPC if needed.

Wave 5: the final wave is elite buffed NPC running fast from the center. 4 of them for each of you afair. With 60% penalty, they may kill you if you have just cleared Pontus.

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Max players: 4
Min players: 2
Classes: Warrior, Scout, Physician, Clergyman
Estimated reward: 48000 silver, 4 Chip Cards, 2 Assist cards

Where am I bound
With my love and feelings
Who wants to kiss me
And hug me and miss me
Yes, who wants to do it
I wish that I knew it

This battle, also known as BoA, is another major upgrade, so you will want to get to it ASAP. It’s 4 Chips now! Silver is much better too.

The map is perfectly symmetrical for all four players, inviting to go warriors. Still, while it has room for four players, it can be done with just one, and perfected with two. This also allows strategy of stacking two warriors with 2 healers.

NPC come out of the 4 corners, do a 2 sides run counter-clockwise, and disappear in the opposite corner. This way, every corner is a very strategic position, which allows a player to take 3 waves out of 4 all alone.

4 players

It’s pretty easy. Every player quickly grabs the chest in front of him, then comes out on the NPC track and goes to the nearest corner counter-clockwise. Like this:

After that, all you have to do is activate defensive stance and speed up waves. Yeah, all of them! This brings 48k silver.
Even fresh Arm cleaners must be able to stand it through. So, if you want a perfect and easy run, get 4 players.

3 players

Before I go into this one, I will clear the terms I use for corners:

So, this one is pretty simple too. Start like with 4. The bottom corner guy waits til his mates take their spots, kills Scout I and II to ensure the bottom-left lane is clear from NPCs, then heads on for the spare chest. After that, he goes to any corner. If the guy facing double NPCs will start dying, the next player clockwise can move to the counter-clockwise corner to cover him up. You can also move aside to rest, just make sure that 2 players minimum are holding corners at the same time.

2 players

Now, this is gonna be a little tricky. First, you must take 2 opposite corners. Both of you will start in the left quadrants, so the lowmost player should go to the bottom corner, and topmost – to the top one. This is the first tricky part. You must be very fast to take the chest and then make it to the top corner before Scout I coming from the bottom corner slips away. Use the buff to help yourself through. The easy way is to let top corner Scout I by, then take the rest on your way to the corner. BUT then the lowmost player will not be able to take his chest in the middle of the wave, because he will have to catch that Scout I.

You both will have to take another chest. You should never try to do it simultaneously if you don’t want to lose NPCs! This is a rule: one goes for the chest, another backs him up. But let me be a little more specific.

Don’t forget that wave speedup brings silver only if you have 10 and more seconds left.

Wave 1 consists of 2 parts having a fair pause between them.
1: 4 Scouts (I-IV)
2: Deiotarus, Artzruni

If you go the easy way, let the top corner player go after the chest after he defeated his corner Artzruni. He will face another Deiotarus and Artzruni on his way to the chest, then there will be a whole wave c/d for him to get back to his corner.

If you do it the hard way, top corner player should stay in his corner. Instead, the bottom corner player should continue towards his spare chest, stop right before the turn that will bring him off NPC track, and defeat Scout I and Scout II who came out of the left corner (the last ones for him). After that, he immediately goes for the chest and comes back to catch the left corner Scout III and Scout IV, letting previous Scout III-IV (those who come out of the bottom corner) pass by to the top corner player. Then, he makes it back to his bottom corner. Wave 2 speedup!

Wave 2:
Vanguard IV, Erato
Artavasdes, Main Force I, Main Force II

The easy way: we already have the top chest. Now, the bottom corner player defeats all the wave, and then goes for his chest while wave 3 c/d ticks.

The hard way: we already have the bottom chest. Now, the top player waits until the bottom corner is secured, then moves out towards his chest. On his way, he takes Vanguard IV and Erato from the right corner, then quickly fetches the chest and makes it back just in time to catch the right corner Artavasdes. Then, he returns to his corner. Wave 3 speedup!

Wave 3:
Vanguard I, Vanguard II
Vanguard III, Hidarnes
Sohemus, Arsames

After this wave, there goes relatively long cooldown. This is your chance to restore if needed. If you hit the “Rest” button right after last Arsames, you will be able to restore your troops, and speed up, and still get 48k silver.

Wave 4:
The one and only :D Sometimes this wave won’t show up, or the battle will end before second Atraxias makes it to your corner. It’s a known bug for today.

Solo (non-perfect)

Armenia is one of the best team battles to do solo, because you can take 3/4 of NPCs all alone. The algorhythm is simple, still the whole thing is a lil’ hard for a single player. It all will depend on your strength.

1) Grab the chest
2) Break through to the next corner clockwise
3) Stand the wave til you defeat the last NPC from your corner
4) Battle it towards the next chest
5) Grab it after you defeat last NPCs from the next corner. Heal near the healing statue if needed (it heals 2 cells around). You might lose some more NPC, but still less than you lose dying.
6) Goto 2)

If you happen to die, you will not be able to follow the plan. Instead, go counterclockwise, like NPCs go, and grab all the remaining chests. Be sure to take as many NPCs in corners as you can.

At Artaxias wave, if you have no chests left, try to get to any corner before it starts. Then defeat the corner NPC, and rush clockwise. You should be able to catch the 4th Artaxias right when he makes it to his corner.

P.S. Statues??? WUT statues?

P.P.S. Why the song? Oh, just look at the minimap as it is going… XD

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Max players: 6
Min players: 2
(tough) or 3 (safe)
Classes: Warrior, Scout, Physician, Clergyman
Estimated reward: ~76800 silver, 4 Chip Cards, 2 Assist Cards*

BoP up!

Parthia is a very flexible map. It has 6 NPC gates, and just 2 exits. This means two players can handle it all, if they can survive. They also need an errand boy to run for the chests and statues. So, best team is 3 players: 2 warriors, and 1 healer as a chaser to keep them alive in the rest of the battle. The other 3 players are just a sweet bonus, so you can try different setups with 4 and more (still, with 4, 4th player usually just runs his side).

3+ players

First off, the players have to decide who is taking exits, and who is running. If there is more than 1 player to chase at the same side, one should go inside the pocket, and the other one should take the outer building. Auto pathfinding does just fine here in the beginning, you won’t interfere with each other if you just click your spots in advance (well, I mean if u click em wisely, not stopping at the nearest X if you have another X holder at your back). Statues are best to be taken, you have means for that, and those bonuses will help.

Now, about where the chasers should place themselves. Note that two central lanes have double NPC incoming. This means, you should choose the side spot over the one in front of an X’er if you are not too strong. Still, if we have two players at the side spots, they won’t reach each other with their heals/buffs. To compactify the ranks, you could use a line-up at the central lanes, i.e. some fighter standing two squares ahead an X’er, and letting a weak healer in between of them, where no NPC would reach.

On classes: two warriors is enough, and theres never too much healers ^^

2 players

This will only work if you have two strong players. One of them very strong, able to survive as a scout while taking 1/2 of NPCs, and the other one simply able to survive the second half, maybe with a heal in between. You will only have time to take one statue thoughout the battle.

So, the stronger player should host and take scout. The weaker one is to be a warrior. Well, if you both are badass, a healer+scout combo would do nicely too. And DON’T ever touch that first speedup!

Wave 1: Scouts
The warrior goes to the outer statue right away. The scout buffs right away, and runs for the right side chests (both click the spots before the battle starts). After that, the warrior heads to the right X, and the scout returns just in time to catch the first npc at the left lane, and then take the left X. It might take a bit of practicing not to interfere with each other, but it is possible. I did it with 2 windows, so no excuses for those who can’t do it with 2 players :p Only attack NPCs at your destination lane, or you will screw up.

c/d 20s – just speed up. Nothing u can do here.

Wave 2: Scouts, buffed Elites, Vanguard

c/d 40s – the first chance for the scout to take the left side chests. It’s pretty close, but possible. Don’t speed up in this case. But, if you are a very tough scout in no need of healing, or just missed the moment, you can wait for the next opportnity.

Wave 3: Vanguard, Elites

c/d 40s – a more certain chance to get the chests, as the next wave is slow Main Force units. If you have them already, use the c/d to heal or just speed it up.

Wave 4: Main Force

c/d: 30s – no way you can do anything at this c/d, cept maybe a quick tenting.

Wave 5: buffed Elites

Thats’ all folks.

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Max players: 4
Min players: 4
Classes: Warrior, Scout, Physician, Clergyman
Estimated reward: 75200 silver, 4 Chip Cards, 3 Assist cards

A side map, a side battle noone ever runs, except for out of curiosity. The main flaw of the battle is being the same silver as BoP, while requiring all 4 players. Why? Because it consists of four similar isolated pockets each of the players must take solo.

Let’s take a look at one of the pockets. First, you must get onto the NPC track, and make your way to the crossroads between X and chest. Stand your first wave here.

The c/ds here are quite long: 50, 50, and 60 seconds. You can use your first one to take the chest and statue. Then, follow the NPC trail up to the gate and stand there. The rest of c/ds is yours to manage as you please.

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Max players: 4
Min players: 4
Classes: Warrior, Scout, Physician, Clergyman
Estimated reward: 92000 silver, 4 Chip Cards, 4 Assist cards

Another major silver upgrade you want. Also, beating Dacia takes relatively long, so Sele battle is run often.

The map idea is similar to Thrace, except that pockets are open at one side. Left and right side X’s are located close enough for two players work there as a team, for example two healers healing and depenaltizing each other. But the safest and most common way to do Sele is:

  1. Battle your way up to the gate.
  2. Stand there until death.
  3. Repeat.
  4. …….

Note 1: auto pathfinder takes the chest for you. Just click the spot near gates.
Note 2: getting too close to the gates can make NPC bug-slip right through you. Better keep an empty square between yourself and the gate.

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Max players: 10
Min players: 7
Classes: Warrior, Scout, Physician, Clergyman
Estimated reward: 122800 silver, 4 Chip Cards, 5 Assist cards

Now, this one is the best battle so far in Senatry. If you got here, you have my congratulations.

BoD has 7 lanes in total to be taken by players: 5 easy lanes, and 2 hard ones. For an easy lane, a recent passer with Galen is sufficient. Hard ones require tougher players, Huns passers in my opinion. Galen array is not a must, but definitely good manners here. The battle also has 2 Offence statues, 2 Defence statues, and 4 chests.

When claiming, players refer to the lanes by their location and color: {L}eft/{M}iddle/{R}ight {R}ed/{G}reen/{B}lue. The auto path goes like it is shown at the picture, so be sure that the prior players get the further spots (marked 1), so they wouldn’t block latter players on their way. NEVER stand still in the beginning of the battle! Always click your spot in advance. For fighters, its their lanes, for spare players (usually healer chasers) the destination is a statue. Also, DON’T speed up the first wave!

If you have 7 defenders with Galen arrays, you will be just fine. If you don’t, you will need healers. With 10 players, they are spare players. With 7, both non-Galen and his neighbors must be healers and spam depenaltize in order to live it through. Also, with just 7 players, you will need some side lane players fetch the chests when they get a break, and maybe use a c/d to capture statues.

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Hints and Tricks

This is a compilation of geneal battle hints which I may have already given in some particular battles.

1. Galen array

In Greece, you get a hero named Galen. Medical corps don’t fight, they heal your array every round instead. While being questionable in main arrays, this guy is invaluable in battles. Since all NPCs are weak, you only need to heal a small amount of damage each fight, which he does perfect. This allows you to keep full troops til the end of the battle not worrying about any resting or heals. Galen only needs armor and shield, like any support unit. But, to increase his healing effect, you need to upgrade Research tech, give rings to all your heroes, and maybe use S array to increase healing even more. However, if you only need him for battles, it’s sufficient to place him naked and switch to S array. Just be sure to keep him up to your level.

2. Moving and fighting tips

- You can click destination spot before the battle starts. This will make your trops head out right away in the beginning suffering no lag delay.

- Similarily, you can click a new spot while still fighting an NPC. You will head out as soon as your fight is over.

- You can catch NPC while blocking their way with only half of your troops. This allows you to be half a square closer if you need to go back ASAP. Only works if you come from aside, and NPC runs into you at 90 degrees.

3. Speedups in team battles

- Having 2 or more players do the speedups can result in unwanted movement if s/o clicks the speedup right before you. To prevent this, position the speedup button over impassable terrain.

4. Classes and teamwork

- 2 warriors standing close to each other is sufficient for them to keep themselves and their neighbors permanently buffed. Just use the skill in turn, once the previous wears off.

- 2 and more healers stacked together can keep the surrounding troops at 0 penalty.

- You can back other players up taking spots in front of them, or behind them. But what to do if you are at their side? Just run into them. This way, once they die, you will take their place immediately.

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Thank you this is completely KA!!! Really appreciate it! ☺☻