[Legacy of Heroes] Patch Notes: December 13, 2012 (locked)

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Scheduled Maintenance

Weekly Sale

  • Two new pieces of equipment have been added: Johnny Tinker’s Torso Armor and Johnny Tinker’s Boots.
  • Epic+ Prestige Packs
    • Guaranteed Epic or Legendary card in every pack!
  • End of Preview 1, Preview 2 begins next week.
    Draft Bundle
    • Get 6 Draft packs for the price of 4.
  • Double Draft Weekend!
    • Use 6 Draft Packs and 6 Glory Packs in a single draft!
      • 40 card deck
      • 2 Dupes
      • 8 Allies
      • 2 Ally Dupes
      • 3 Mementos
      • 1 Memento Dupe
      • 3 Events
      • 1 Event Dupe
    • The rewards are doubled from regular drafts.
    • Friday 8:00pm to Sunday 10:00pm PST
    • Saturday 4:00 to Monday 6:00 server time


  • Issue 11 is coming next week!
  • New EFL Rules for this week.
    • No Duplicates allowed
    • 45 card deck size

Bug Fixes

  • Titles acquired from the Mega Brawls will now be able to be equipped.
  • When you have multiple damage capping buffs they will now trigger correctly.

Known Issues

  • Titles can cause small display issues with player’s name being too long.
  • Banish pile cards sometimes do not appear. Clicking on the pile will still show the popup.
  • Equipment buffs lasting visually a turn longer than they are supposed to.
  • The card “Up and At’em” is not displaying its buff in the buff window.
  • “Do as I Do” buff will not visually show up in buff list for your team.
  • Cards with buffs restricted by discard do not show buffs in the buff window.
  • Johnny Tinker’s Boots buff will sometimes visually fade to early.