[Star Supremacy] Dare you challenge the latest instance-Acturus?!

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New instances added! Bosses are gathering here waiting for your challenge

Look at the new instance! The new equips! Royal fighter fragments! God wind fragments! You itch for a try? Before that, you have to keep this in mind: Unlike other instances, it will cause real loss of ships, which means once your ships are destroyed, they never come back.
Along with the instance, there are some other new updates . They will be updated on next Tuesday during the maintenance!
1. New frontier! Find your potential! Lv.110 Leader is ready for your command!

As a fact, Lee has good attributes and is an all-aspect leader.
When reaching level 110, he becomes more powerful. You can feel it by just looking at him. Actually, you can get him by just toping up any amount of B-creds and you will have him forever.
2. Evolving! Gold leader comes up like a super saiyan

Take Lee for example again. After two times of upgrading, Lee turns into red and after 4 more upgrade, he turns into GOLD! All attributes rise up rapidly. The total points become unbelievably 679.

3. Three top equip set appears!
3 pieces of the same equip can synthesize into one advanced equip

They are part of the rewards of the new instance!

4. Get free super boss ships!

Still remember the arcturus instance? It has chances to drop “Royal Fighter Blueprint Fragment” and “God Wind Blueprint Fragment”. Besides, the chances increase when the difficulty of the instance increases. Gather 10 of this fragments, you can get a blueprint of the boss ship!

5. Some ship armor increased
Battle Cruiser base armor+200
God Wind base armor+200
Royal Fighter Fighter bay capacity+15, carrying capacity+70

6. Instance token fragments added
In the super nodes on each plane, there buried large amount of token fragments. Gather them to get a entire token to challenge the bosses. Beside, super nodes drop high quality equips!

Token Fragments Entire Token Super Nodes
Pirates’ attack plan(Easy) Pirate Token(Easy) Lv1,2,3
Pirates’ attack plan(Hard) Pirate Token(Hard) Lv4
Pirates’ attack plan(Legend) Pirate Token(Legend) Lv5
Capella crystal(Easy) Capella Token(Easy) Lv6
Capella crystal(Hard) Capella Token(Hard) Lv7
Dipper force general’s emblem(Easy) Dipper Token(Easy) Lv8
Dipper force general’s emblem(Hard) Dipper Token(Hard) Lv9

8. Chests can merge into advanced chests
5 of low level chests can synthesize into 1 advanced chest. For example: 5 bronze chests can synthesize into 1 silver chest, which means you now have chances to get a Titan chest.